Social media and its various platforms have served people to earn a living. Many people are turning to social media to pursue a career, different from regular nine to five jobs, and it would not be wrong to say that social media has evolved the lives of many people,

not only in terms of fame but also in terms of earning money. Instagram is a widely used social media app that has gained immense popularity among the young generation and has developed many “influencers” and “content creators” who are living a successful life by creating Instagram-content that fetches them money. Here is how you can also shift your Instagram content to career content.

Shift Your Instagram Content to Career Content

Recce the Market

According to a study, almost 42% of total active accounts on Instagram belong to influencers and content creators. This shows that a huge lot have stepped into the field to make their careers through Instagram. Before you enter this field it is necessary to have a detailed recce. Search for influencers who have a huge fan following, look at what they do and how they do it, Instagram video download can help you save their videos and their stories can be saved using an Instagram story saver that you can utilize later on at some point.

How to Shift Your Instagram Content to Career Content



What appeals to the audience is creativity. Take ideas from renowned influencers but never copy the style of others. You should have your own unique style to attract the people. Remember, audiences do not like to follow the copy-cats, rather newness and difference are what grab the attention of the viewers. Be creative in your own style. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to social media because it is your account and only you can define how to flaunt it.

How to Shift Instagram Content to Career Content


Have a Word of Your Own

Another important aspect is having a positive say in ongoing worldly events. An ignorant and aloof person would not be followed by anyone. You should have your own opinion, but ensure that you convey your words in an appropriate manner. Social media has its perks but it also comes with certain flaws. Trolling is quite common on social media, and many people just don’t agree with others, so it is always better to have a personal opinion but never try to impose your word on others. Always go with the flow.


You cannot gain a million followers overnight. Be consistent in what you are doing. Hard work always pays off. If you are sincere in your work and are making your content at your best level then your day would definitely come. Many people after months of content creation leave the field as they feel like it’s quite a time taking. To be successful, time is something that you have to spend. If you don’t have time then success is not for you.


To be an influencer or a content creator, social networking is essential. You might need to attend several events, make a presence at every possible place, make new friends and networks, and meet new faces and new brands. This seems a bit tiring, but making a career is not easy. You have to present yourself in front of brands which are eager to work with brands. This will help to elevate your followings and thus would describe your hard work.

Shift Your Instagram Content to Career Content easily


Build Portfolio

For an emerging content creator, it is recommended to get you signed to a talent agency that represents influencers. Such agencies help to provide you with options for creating different videos, pictures or other content that you can use on your Insta-account. These agencies aid in building the portfolio and thus with a well-developed portfolio you can do much better to advance your social media career.

Shift Your Instagram Content to Career Types of portfolios


This Post was Last Updated On: June 10, 2022