Do you get tired of sleuthing around the internet, trying to find “virus-free, no survey, 100% Legit FREE” software, but keep getting screwed over time and time again? Well, you’ve found yourself at the right place.


Everyone has the right to download free, reliable software without any hassle.


We believe that those funky “custom” installers made by “free” software websites harms your PC. Those bring lots of unwanted software and (sometimes) viruses onto your device, sometimes making it unbearable to work with such as CNET and Softonic.


Offline installers and standalone setups should be provided for every program out there. That way, people can download and complete their setup process in peace without being bombarded by advertisements and sneaky adware installers.


Setups should also be in one single package, even if it is 20GB. Why? As a person who had to deal with this myself, I hate downloading files in parts/segments. I always did and always will prefer single link direct downloads. And just to put frosting on the cake, we take extensive measures to test any software that goes through our fingertips, to ensure compatibility and full functionality when it gets to your PC.


If our site is useful to you, please consider whitelisting us on your AdBlocker. (Choose the Disable option in your AdBlocker settings) Don’t worry! We don’t show any pop-ups & phishing advertisements. We hate them too! We always have and always will run clean Google Ads.


Credits: Sam

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