Learn to Limit Download Speed Per IP on NginX easily. You can now throttle Speed / Bandwidth on IP Level in Nginx regardless number of connections/requests.

Limit Download Speed Per IP on NginX – Overview

Previously our dedicated servers were on Apache. We had CBand module on Apache which was able to limit users download speed on IP level. But after Migration to NginX web server, we were in search of alternative of CBand for Nginx. Initially we couldn’t find a way to throttle speed on IP basis. Because the nginx default Limit rate couldn’t server the purpose. it only had two options. Either we could limit connections which an IP make. Or we could limit each connection speed.


Limit Download Speed per IP on nginx


We know today download manager make a lot of connections while downloading a file. So even if we restrict number of connection that would impact user’s downloads. So we had to find a way to limit overall download speed of files from Nginx regardless on number of connections. Our issues were solved once we came to a Nginx module written By Simon Lee on GitHub which could easily do this magic.

This Post was Last Updated On: August 8, 2020