Learn How To Hide Friends List on Facebook From Friends easily. This will increase privacy. Your facebook friends will not be able to see your friends list.

Friends List Privacy Overview

From a past few years Facebook is becoming a private social networking website. They added a privacy button on every Facebook user profile so they can manage their posts. Now you can share your post to public or to friends. There are a lot of other changes that only the people you know, may interact with you only. Also that the Facebook introduced the new timeline, Some people still don’t like it but it is a part of Facebook now. Sometimes it is pretty hard to get the desired settings because you really don’t know where to get there. Second;y facebook has recently updated their design to time line. So the method to hide friends list on facebook is changed now. It is specially for persons who are much concerned about their privacy.

Steps To Hide Friends List on Facebook

– Login to your facebook account

hide friends list step 1 login facebook

– Go to Your Profile

– There will be a ‘Friends’  button under your cover photo

– Click on it

hide friends list on facebook step 2 click on friends button


– There will be a pen icon on the right side of the ‘Find Friends’ Button

– Click on it and go to ‘ Edit Privacy’.

hide friends list on facebook step 3 click on privacy section

– In ‘Friend List’, Click on ‘Only me’ so that only you can see your friend list and nobody else will mess around.

choose friendlist privacy settings on facebook

As you can see there are other options in that Privacy Section. You can allow your friends to see the list of people you are following or the people who are following you. It is simple and easy.

Conclusion – Friends List is Now Hidden From Others

So if you have followed the above simple steps. I hope your facebook friend list is now being hidden from others. Secondly you can also customize it to show it to close friends as well. For that you’ll need to choose custom from the drop downs. Let us know if you face any issue to hide friends list on facebook.

This Post was Last Updated On: September 22, 2013