When you browse the Internet, you only focus on getting the required information; you never even think your website or application may drop malware on your computer.

There are many malicious websites available on the Internet that provide information according to the current trends. The hackers have developed those websites and mobile applications so that they could look legitimate to fulfill your requirements.

Malicious Websites and Apps Can Steal Your Data

When any trending song, web series, or blockbuster movie runs on a designated web source with subscriptions, Internet lovers put their best efforts into downloading or watching that streaming data without paying for the subscription.

At this stage, hackers jump into that pool and try to help those users through their malicious websites by posting attractive landing pages with download links to movies, songs, etc. When the users visit these websites, they provide a gateway to the hackers so that they can drop malicious data, which is sometimes difficult to remove for antiviruses.

Once the hackers enter your computer or access your account, they can do anything to make money or bring your image down. And you remain unaware of what has happened to your computer and how.

Here, you will need to go beyond the reach of cyber criminals by investing more in security systems like privacy software products. These products will not only detect malicious data but will also alert you if an intrusion occurs. They will also prevent you from visiting malicious websites and keep track of your activities to secure your system and data.

Therefore, when different types of privacy software protect your data and system, why worry about privacy.

Below are the best six software products that maintain your data privacy and keep malicious activities away from your system.

FireEye Helix

We all know that Fire Eye is a well-established name in cybersecurity. But if we talk about its data privacy software that provides the most satisfactory SIEM services. This SaaS-based privacy tool works as a threat intelligence expert that keeps your organization secure from cyber threats.

Going a few steps beyond, FireEye Helix records unauthorized activities of outsiders who try to get access by being legitimate. Helix performs based on the UEBA technique to make this surveillance activity successful, also known as the User and Entity Behavior Analytics. With the help of this technique, Helix alerts the user about account hijacking, etc.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect will be the best choice if you want a single, easy-to-manage solution to secure your data and IT systems from cyber threats. This unique software is capable of detecting vulnerabilities in your system and also helps in recovering lost data.

In case your organization gets affected by a cyber incident, with the help of this privacy software, you can get a backup of data by installing substitute servers through virtualization and physically, whichever suits you as per the situation.

• Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection is the best cloud-based privacy software developed by Microsoft’s security development team. The significant advantage of this software is that the Azure account holders can freely use it on any cloud platform without any restrictions.

This software helps you secure your email and other documents in Microsoft’s email system with the help of its encryption service. While protecting your data, AIP follows GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS guidelines.

Apart from securing your data over the cloud, you can also go for VPNs to secure your communication. But make sure your VPN should be of paid version because free VPNs can welcome hackers anytime. Free VPNs are always on the radar of security agencies, so just hide IP using VPN and divert hackers to other anonymous routes.

• SoftCity Smart Privacy Cleaner
Smart Privacy Cleaner justifies its name by cleaning all the junk you create in the form of cookies, temp files, search results, and passwords during Internet sessions, or we can have online conversations between the person and the websites.

It’s an easy-to-use privacy software with a military-grade data cleaner that removes all the credit-debit card records and other sensitive information you use via the online system.

• Privacy Eraser Pro

Privacy Eraser Pro works by following a single shot for multiple target mechanisms. It eliminates all the temporarily stored data like history, activity logs, caches, temp files, and cookies in a single click.

Removing unwanted junk keeps your system secured so that no loopholes could exist in your computer.

• Iolo Privacy Guardian

Lolo Privacy Guardian also helps you in removing unwantedly stored data in your browser history and removes all the temp files and caches stored in your browser and the system.

It also shuts the gateway for Windows that stores automatically-collected data into your system and acts as data mining. You will also get email security, preventing tracking software from collecting your data.

This Post was Last Updated On: July 19, 2022