Putting the best profile picture is like a one-time investment for long-term benefit. People are confused while finding answers to the question of how to grow Instagram followers. Whether it is Instagram or any other social media platform, the first thing you need to do is to select the best profile picture for your account to gain followers.

Your profile picture depicts your brand if you are using social media pages for business purposes. Adorable profile pictures give the first impression of your whole page. If someone is viewing your profile for the first time, your profile picture highly influences that person. That same person will remember you with that picture.

Importance of Profile Picture

You need to update your profile regularly if you are using a social media account for yourself. But if you have a page to represent any brand, you should take time to change the display picture. Your profile picture is capable of maintaining the attention of your viewers. People will find it easy to find you if you have a most substantial display picture.

Interesting Things about Profile Images

Your profile picture has a huge role in your identification. Therefore, you need to choose a photo that should match the value of your brand. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are using; the importance of profile image will remain the same. Take a moment to think while changing the picture to have the right impression on viewers. Read these interesting things about Profile Image for your Social Media Page.

1. Put a picture with a face

A profile picture with your face has a more efficacious impact on people. You can choose a profile picture according to your choices, but we recommend finding the most decent photo for your profile. How can you find the best decent photo? Following are things that you should consider while selecting a photo:-

Be formally dressed up

Your dress highly impacts your picture. A light-colored dress will help you to take up to par pictures.

Wear a smile
A picture with an ideal smile makes your picture more influential and competent. Smiling pictures are more attention-grabbing.

You should look confident in your profile picture. Your viewers must not realize that you were uncomfortable during the photo clicking session. Squinting eyes can make your photo more attractive.

After putting the profile image, you should match the perfect balance of other pictures. For example, if you have a Facebook page, you should put your photo as a display picture and an image depicting your work or occupation as your cover picture. These small things can grab more attention.

2. Frame your picture

Some people are often confused about which size will suit the display picture. The photo should have all the dimensions equal. For example, the picture, having the dimension of 2048×2048 pixels, fits the display picture frame on most of the platforms. Your picture should match the dimensions for better representation; therefore, crop the picture precisely. Your display picture should have a perfect balance of your face and a little background. Make sure that your face shouldn’t cover the whole frame. Keep some distance from the camera but do not stand at much distance from where the background is more visible than you.

3. Keep the same profile picture on every platform

We know that profile picture is identification. If you have accounts on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Pinterest, Linkedin, or other similar apps, you should put the same display picture everywhere. You may have different purposes to use social media apps, but if you want to be well recognized, put the same picture everywhere. This will enable people to identify you quickly and reliably.

4. Profile picture with a team

If you are working or have a business, putting a profile picture with your team will be a good option. For business growth, you have to establish a trust relationship with your viewers. A photo featuring your team will enable people to get more familiar with you. People will start to believe more in your business and try to reach you out.

5. Profile pictures with Avatar

People may design their avatar using graphic designing software. Now you can design different types of avatars online as well. The color of the background is decided by you only. Avatar doesn’t make you more recognizable. Still, an avatar can well depict your personality. You may have seen content creators using avatars as their profile picture after they become popular. Avatar can be a good option to portray your personality and work rather than your look. Also, logos can be used effectively for business purposes.

6. Clear profile picture

The image you are using for your profile picture should be clear with white spaces in them. High-resolution pictures enormously affect the effectiveness of your profile. Avoid posting a messed-up picture. Put the picture in which everything should be well-organized. When someone visits your profile, people will first notice your profile picture in a small space. If you put an unclear, blurred, or cluttered picture in that space, your first impression will be adversely affected. Photo with your silhouette or shadow doesn’t make your profile attractive. Be realistic with your picture.

7. Avoid too many edits and filters

Nowadays, a diverse range of filters is available on every social media platform. For example, Instagram and Snapchat have most of the users who love to use its filters. But while choosing a picture for your profile, you need to ensure that the picture should be free from filters and edits. No doubt, filters make your pictures more beautiful and attractive. It would help if you emphasized a picture that represents the real you. Choose that picture that delineates your distinctive character and personality.

8. Check what your picture says

Again, we would like to draw your attention to your smile. Your pleasing smile describes good social relationships. You should ensure that the picture has contrasting colors because it makes the picture more visible. Contrasting colors draw out more attention from new viewers. Therefore, choose the colors of the dress accordingly. Try to keep your background simple and unembellished so that people can focus on your face only. Choosing a picture of your dog, baby, and gifts for your profile will not be a good idea.

9. Represent the brand in your picture

You can provide a small preface about your company or business in your profile or cover photo. You can wear your brand stuff or add a logo behind the picture. But that logo should not be cluttered with your pictures. For this, you can hire a professional photographer to capture a pertinent image. Other users will find it easy to connect with you.


You might have several decent pictures of your own but spend some time choosing the appropriate profile picture. Even after putting the best picture according to you, you may not provoke the expected attention. Therefore, you need to think twice or thrice before changing the profile picture because it will be your first impression of new people. If you are posting different pictures on different platforms, then people may find it challenging to recognize in less time.
To make the selection of your profile picture simple, read these tips to find the ideal picture. These ideas will help you to become more familiar with your audience.

This Post was Last Updated On: June 12, 2021