You can Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 easily and download them. Most of us listen MP3 music on the go. Convert youtube to MP3 high quality easily.

convert youtube videos to mp3 free

YouTube To MP3 – Overview

I know most of us love to listen music on the go. Rather than just sitting in front of laptop and watching YouTube videos. So this tutorial is for all of you who want to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3. Because YouTube is full of songs, videos and every type of media file. Therefore the song which you can never find any where else can probably be found on YouTube. Then you can convert that YouTube video to MP3 file easily with below steps.

Secondly below method even works if YouTube is blocked. There are already some browser extension or plugins but they could only work if YouTube can be opened. But as you know some countries have ban on YouTube. So those plugins can no longer work. So basic focus of my tutorial is to facilitate those music lovers who have no access to YouTube and they want to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 and listen.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 – Simple Steps

Step 1: Open video engine and Type name of your favorite song.

Step 2: Copy the link of YouTube video as it will be needed to convert to MP3.

 convert youtube videos to mp3

Step 3: Open this link and paste the link of YouTube Video in text box and press Go Button to Convert to MP3.

youtube video url to convert mp3 format

Step 4: After that it will take some few seconds to convert YouTube video to MP3 format.

Step 5: Then Click Download Now to save MP3 file in computer.

Conclusion – Get Favorite YouTube Video in MP3

So i think this wasn’t hard to convert YouTube to MP3. Secondly it works without installing any software or plugin. Lets enjoy listening to MP3 from YouTube video. Best part is that audio quality is good in this conversion. Convert unlimited YouTube videos to MP3 Free of cost and quickly. This is without any wait or registration.

This Post was Last Updated On: May 9, 2014