Learn How To Use AutoRun Remover to remove virus from usb or PC. Autorun is a virus that is supposed to infect the Windows Operating systems only.


How To Use AutoRun Remover

How to Remove autorun

Getting Rid of Autorun Virus

It starts launching programs, like media files from CD, DVD and USB stick or any other removable media drive. It also sticks your memory.

Following is the step by step guide to remove Autorun.inf virus from your USB and Hard Drive permanently.

How To Use AutoRun Remover – Easy Steps

Removing AutoRun Virus From USB

Step#1 Plugin the USB drive and when it ask for installing the driver, Click on that Balloon and Click ‘Cancel’. Do not install the USB driver.

Autorun removal 1

Step#2 Go to your Windows search and type ‘CMD’ (command and prompt). Type your USB Drive letter, eg G:/

How To Remove AutoRun Virus

Step#3 Now in the same cmd type ‘dir /w/a’. It will show you a list of files that are inside your USB drive. You have to delete all of the infected files named listed below.



New Folder.exe




Autorun removal 4

Step#4 You can delete these files by simple add the command of drive>del>filename. E.g. “G:/ del autorun.inf”. It will delete that file.

Autorun removal 5

How To Remove AutoRun Virus From Hard Drive

Step#1 Reboot your PC and continuously press ‘F5’ button. You will see is a an Advance option screen which will have ‘Safe mode’ press enter.

How To Remove AutoRun Virus from hard disk

Step#2 Now there go to the locations given below and delete these files one by one.

E:\ autorun.inf

Step#3 After you have deleted these files. Go to the registery editor by searching ‘regedit’ in RUN and add the following parameters. You can also copy it the locations and find it in search.

DisableTaskMgr = 1
NoFolderOptions = 1
“Worms” = “%System%\logon.bat”

Remove AutoRun Virus from PC

Step#4 Restart your PC normally and have fun. you system is now virus free.

Conclusion – You Successfully Removed Autorun Virus

So I hope if you have followed this tutorial, you have successfully removed autorun virus from your USB and hard drive. So your search on finding way on how to remove autorun virus now ends. Let us know if you faced any issue removing autorun virus.

This Post was Last Updated On: October 6, 2013