Learn How to Shutdown Windows 8. Starting from Windows 8 there is difference in ways of use. Follow these easy steps to shutdown your PC with windows 8.

Windows 8 Power Options – Overview

The newly released Microsoft Windows 8 has a quite elegant design but yet so mysterious functionalities. These are not very easy to perform. As a newbie on this new operating system, it is quite difficult to understand the basic concept which were also used in the previous operating systems of Microsoft. For me the biggest dilemma is the invisible ‘Start’ button which is now replaced by the new interface introduced by Microsoft and called ‘Metro UI’. Some people love this interface some still love old one.

How to Shutdown Windows 8 – Step By Step Way

In this tutorial we are about to tell you that How can you interact with your ‘Slide-Up’ Options and to use ‘Power Options’ your PC. Well here are the following instruction to solve you problem but do consider reading each step because we don’t want you to get lost.

Step #1: First roll over your mouse to the upper right corner of your windows screen and an invisible slide-up bar will show up. If it doesn’t happen then you can also use the shortcut key to perform it which is Windows+C 

How to Shutdown Windows 8

Step #2: On that Slide-Up bar there will be a lot of options. Click on that last button which is ‘Settings’ and looks a metallic nut shape.

Step#3: Click on the Power button and select your desired operation: Sleep, Shutdown, Auto Update and Restart.

how can I shutdown windows 8

Here you go, now you have found how to interact with your Metro User Interface and How to Shutdown Windows 8.

Conclusion – Windows 8 New Commands

Yeah it will take some time for everyone to get used to Windows 8 ways of usage. But I personally like the new Interface. It is more lively and performance of windows 8 is also super.

This Post was Last Updated On: May 9, 2014