It’s not easy to be a parent nowadays. More and more dangers surround children: cyberbullying, online threats, or inappropriate content. If you want to know how to monitor your child’s phone remotely to ensure your offspring is safe and sound, keep reading the article.

How to Monitor Your Child's Phone Stealthily

Key Reasons to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone

One of the main reasons most parents would like to track their children’s cell phones is because they are mainly responsible for the safety and well-being of their kids. It may take hours to wonder what your teens are doing with their smartphones. Therefore, parents want to track their kids’ cell phones to make the upbringing process simpler and more effective.

According to a recent DQ Institute survey about Internet dangers for children, 6 out of 10 kids aged 8-12 face various online risks. Additionally, one in two kids suffer from cyberbullying, and about one-third of children experience cyber threats: hacking or phishing.
The statistics speak for themselves. For example, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that in 2020 cyber crime against children increased by 144% contrasted to 2019. It means eight children per day experience numerous online risks.

The Most Effective Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

In today’s article, we want to familiarize you with the best phone spy apps to monitor your child’s phone. It’s time to stop worrying about your children’s safety!

uMobix App to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

uMobix App to Monitor Your Child's Phone

The best way to monitor your child’s cell phone is to choose a reliable and efficient tracking app like uMobix. The app enables real-time monitoring of iOS and Android devices.

Thanks to this tracking app, you may trace the history of your kid’s phone calls or text messages. You will also have access to data on social media (Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and others). Check the location, access the camera and microphone, and change the settings of the target phone! All the uMobix features may be helpful from the perspective of parental control of the child’s device.

iKeyMonitor App for Android and iPhone Devices

iKeyMonitor App for Android and iPhone Devices

iKeyMonitor is one of the most famous parental control apps to protect children from online risks. It allows you to monitor your child’s phone comprehensively – read text messages, track GPS locations, listen to phone surroundings, monitor chats and conversations, or set keyword alerts on your kid’s device. Moreover, iKeyMonitor will allow you to set time limits to ensure your kid doesn’t spend hours online.

You should visit the app’s official website to get familiar with the subscription plans details for long-term usage or check out a free trial with an unlimited period of use. Monitor everything on your child’s cell phone without stress with iKeyMonitor!

Qustodio – All-in-One Parental Control Solution

Qustodio - All-in-One Parental Control Solution

Qustodio is one of the most advanced parental control apps. It offers safe browsing with real-time protection and content filtering that blocks inappropriate websites, ads, or links. Furthermore, Qustodio tracks your child’s location and activity on all devices, including desktop computers and mobile phones.

The app can monitor your child’s phone activity with minimum effort. Please note that a free trial is available for those who want to test the main tracking features of the software before paying for a full-pack subscription plan. Get familiar with the app to monitor your child’s phone easily.

Monitor Your Child’s Phone with Verizon Smart Family

Monitor Your Child's Phone with Verizon Smart Family

Verizon Smart Family app is famous not only for its all advanced monitoring features but also for being an affordable app. The Smart Family basic plan will cost you only $4.99 per month, while the Premium plan only $9.99 per month respectively.

What makes this app appear on our list? The Verizon Smart Family app is a user-friendly, reliable, multifunctional monitoring assistant. With its help, you will read your kid’s activity like an open book and get alerts when they visit suspicious websites or apps.

Cocospy to Track Your Children’s Social Media and More

Cocospy to Track Your Children's Social Media and More

Children may become addicted to numerous social media platforms or apps. Thanks to Cocospy, you may easily monitor your child’s social media activities, not violating their boundaries. This tracking app may become your best monitoring companion because of its functionality and affordability. No need to worry about your children’s whereabouts anymore.

The GPS location tracker and the Geofence alert feature guarantee you always know where your kids are. With alerts you get while using a Cocospy tracking app, parental life will become less burdensome. Use this app to monitor your child’s phone!

Free Alternatives to Monitor Your Child’s Phone Without Apps

If you think it is impossible to monitor your child’s phone free, we’re happy to inform you that it is not true. Here are the ways.

iCloud for iPhone Monitoring

To monitor your child’s phone with iCloud, you need to have their iCloud credentials and a password. Ensure you know this login data and that iCloud backup is enabled on a target device too. Open on your device and sign in using the credentials of the target phone. You may need to merge your devices. In this case, do so. Sync your child’s phone to yours and monitor recent text messages, emails, internet history, shared media, and GPS location smoothly.

Samsung Find My Device at Your Service

Samsung designed a Find My Device solution that works similarly to the Find My iPhone software. Find My Device from Samsung will be able to find your kid’s device even offline. Samsung uses other users’ smartphones to scan the nearest surrounding and search for the targeted phone.

Among apps that monitor your child’s phone that are free, Find My Device lacks many useful features. It is relatively new and unknown to many users. However, it is an excellent alternative to monitor your child’s Android phone without them knowing.

Monitor Your Child’s Phone Free with Google Maps

As a parent, you can check the location of your child’s Android phone in the Family Link app. Ensure the device location sharing is turned on. Choose for which kid you want to set up a location and turn on location sharing in the Family Link app.

Once you’ve added parental control to your kid’s existing Google Account and permitted them to share locations, your offspring can use Google Maps to share their location with you and another parent in your family group.


Among numerous iPhone and Android apps to track location and social media activities, you may find something that suits you best. Such a tracker can protect your children from cyber risks and make your parental experience different. Choose the best app to use on iPhone, Android, or Windows phone for your situation, either free or paid.

This Post was Last Updated On: April 15, 2023