Learn how To Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook. Right now Facebook is working a lot on its privacy and security. You can block people on Facebook easily.

Facebook Privacy and Blocking Someone on Facebook

The main reason behind that is people are creating too many fake accounts which is not good for them and also for their users to get in link with their friends. Up till now Facebook has introduced many security and privacy function which is a big achievement. In this tutorial you will learn how to prevent someone from looking and interfering into your account. This method is called Blocking or Unblocking. What are the main features of this option? Well, People who will be blocked will never see you in their search and wont able to interact with you through any means.

How To Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook – Step by Step

Below is the method to Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook:

Step#1 Login to your facebook account.


Step#2 Go to your Facebook Privacy Shortcut.




how to block or unblock someone on facebook

Step#4 Once you are there, Enter the name of the person you want to block in “ADD NAME OR EMAIL”.

Step#5 If you want to UNBLOCK a friend. Just Click on “VIEW ALL BLOCKED USERS”.

how to unblock someone on facebook

Step#6 In there Search for the person you want to give access to interact with you and press “UNBLOCK”.

Conclusion – Easily Block / Unlock Someone on Facebook

So I hope if you have followed this tutorials, you have successfully blocked or unblock some one on Facebook. This is a perfect way to stop people from annoying you on Facebook. This feature increases your Facebook Privacy. Once you have blocked, that person will not be able to message you, comment or poke etc.

This Post was Last Updated On: September 29, 2013