There are so many amazing tools and websites that producers can take advantage of. Anywhere from free samples, to finding the key of a melody, to finding out if any musicians have used any of your loops or beats.

We’re going to go over the top 5 free tools for producers that you can start using today! Let’s jump straight into the list.

1. Tunebat:

I use this ALL the time.

You can drag and drop a melody or beat into this website, and it will tell you bpm, key, and more. I always use this when I get sent a melody that doesn’t have the key in the name. You can also use it if an artist is asking what key or bpm your beat is, and you lost the project file.

Check it out here:

5 Best Free Tools for Producers

This will avoid situations that may make you look unprofessional and will maximise your chance of success when putting out and sending out music. If you’re sending out melodies or beats, make sure to always include the key and bpm.

2. free sample sites:

Having samples on your computer you can simply drag and drop into your projects is a cheat code. It can help if you have writer’s block, or just want some inspiration. There are quite a lot on the internet you can find by just googling free sample packs

But one site I’ve been using a lot recently is WavGrind. They have a lot of free sample packs, and they are all royalty free.

They have a full team of producers perfectly crafting premium samples, and you’ll never have to worry about paying royalties or crediting anyone else.

3. Shazam:

I’m sure you’ve used Shazam before, whether you like a song, or hear a song you want to sample…

But it has a lot more use than that. Did you know you could Shazam your melodies to find out who has used them? This is perfect for producers who are sending their melodies out to producers or releasing melody packs. You may find some songs you weren’t notified about or didn’t get paid for. You can do the same thing with your beats.

5 Best Free Tools for Producers 2

4. YouTube to wav:

Do you ever hear a PERFECT old song, or sound you want to sample? If so, YouTube to wav is perfect. One important tip that most people don’t know is that there’s varying audio quality from site to site. 256kbps AAC is the highest quality supported by YouTube, and 96kHz is the highest sample rate supported.

I’ve found that this site supports the highest quality downloads possible.

Here’s a bonus tip, songs in this YouTube playlist are in the public domain, which means you can legally use them in your music! It’s the easiest, best way to create unique songs with old music samples.

5. Tunestotube:

So, you can download music from YouTube, how about putting music on YouTube? I use to waste HOURS rendering a video with a very basic background, uploading it, and filling in all the details. Sites like tunestotube can do all of that in minutes. All you need to do it upload the wav file, thumbnail, and select your title/description/tag preset.

If you’re uploading a lot of songs, like an album for example, or uploading type beats, this will change your workflow completely. This makes it extremely easy to upload a beat every day, or upload your whole album in minutes.

You can visit the site here.

I hope all these tools help you as a producer!



This Post was Last Updated On: August 17, 2022