Are you searching for the top methods to transfer photos from PC to iPhone? Explore 4 unique techniques on how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone.

In today’s digital age, people value and keep their photos treasured. As technology evolves, we find various ways to store and share these precious images. Moving photos from a computer to your phone lets you take them anywhere and access them anytime. In this guide, we’ll cover 4 easy methods on how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone.


Part 1. How do you shift photos from PC to iPhone using iTunes?

The first method is to use iTunes to transfer photos on your phone. While being a veteran music manager, can quickly move your photos to any portable media, like your phone. The process is straightforward and takes a few minutes to follow:

Step 1. Before you proceed with shifting photos from PC to iPhone using iTunes, disable “iCloud Photos” on your iPhone. To execute that process, open the iPhone’s “Settings” and tap on your name at the top. Continue into “iCloud,” access “Photos,” and turn off the toggle to disable the “Sync this iPhone” option.


Step 2. Connect your iPhone with the computer using a cable and trust the device in the process. On opening iTunes, proceed to the “Device” icon on the top. This will open a new set of options, where you have to access the “Photos” section for shifting your photos from PC to iPhone.


Step 3. Checkmark the “Sync Photos” option and navigate to the “Copy photos from:” option to select the folder that needs to be synced with the iPhone. After successfully selecting the folder, click “Apply,” and a prompt will appear on the screen asking to confirm the process.


Part 2. A Comprehensive Way: Using MobileTrans To Shift Photos From PC to iPhone

iTunes can be a proficient method of transferring photos from your computer to your iPhone. However, iTunes is prone to various complexity issues, and it might also lose your data in the process. Therefore, you should consider a better way to transfer photos. We introduce you to Wondershare MobileTrans, which seamlessly transfers photos to your phone.

Other than that, it provides you with the smoothest transferring process in various file formats. With its diverse compatibility, you can transfer your photos from any device you want without any limitations. Moreover, while transferring, MobileTrans never stores your photos without asking permission.

Key Features

  • Limitless Device Compatibility: There is no limit on mobile devices on Wondershare MobileTrans. This tool supports over 6000+ mobile devices ranging from Windows, Android, iPhone, and iOS devices. You can seamlessly transfer any data across devices of different natures without any restraints.
  • Wireless Freedom: With MobileTrans, you can ditch the messy cables and need for internet connectivity. It can directly transfer files from one device to another, thus making the process hassle-free. 
  • Top-Notch Security Rate: If you are worried about privacy control while relocating data from a PC to an iPhone device, MobileTrans also has you covered with its advanced privacy protection system. It ensures that all your data stays safe and secure and that there are no leaks. 
  • Support Different Data Files: MobileTrans allows you to transfer several files other than photos. You can seamlessly transfer up to 18+ file formats, such as video and apps.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone

Now that we know what Wondershare MobileTrans has to offer, we can focus on transferring photos. The following guide provides you with straightforward steps for transferring photos:

Step 1. Download and Open Wondershare MobileTrans

Begin the transfer process by downloading and installing the tool on your computer. On opening MobileTrans, select the “Phone Transfer” tab from the top toolbar and choose the “Import to Phone” option. 


Step 2. Select Appropriate Photos to Transfer

Now, use the USB to connect your iPhone device to the PC. When the PC recognizes your phone, it will display all your data on MobileTrans. Navigate into the “Photos” section, choose the “Import” button and select “Add File” or “Add Folder” according to your requirements.


Step 3. Begin the Transfer Process

Select your photos and start the transfer between PC and iPhone. A progress bar will let you know when all the images are transferred to the iPhone.


Part 3. 2 Top-Notch Cloud Platforms To Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

Aside from the hectic methods of transferring photos with a USB cable, you can simply use cloud platforms to transfer photos. A cloud platform offers a convenient and wireless solution for transferring files from the PC to your iPhone. Moreover, we have listed two top-notch cloud platforms that can help you explain how to transfer photos from a computer to an iPhone. 

1. Dropbox 

Dropbox is an excellent cloud-transferring platform that allows you to transfer photos from PC to iPhone with excellent efficiency. This platform keeps all your data, like apps and videos, safe and secure. Moreover, let’s look at the steps for transferring photos from a PC to an iPhone using Dropbox.

Step 1. First, ensure that Dropbox is active on your PC and iPhone devices. After that, open the platform on your computer and go to the left-side panel to access “All Files.” Continue using the “Create folder” button to set up a new folder for your images. As you navigate further, press the “Upload” button to add images to Dropbox.


Step 2. After uploading the images from your PC, your photos will automatically sync with the Dropbox app on your iPhone. In your app, go to the “Files” section at the bottom to look for the images, and tap on the “three dots” to open the drop-down menu for saving the image on your iPhone.


2. OneDrive

OneDrive is another efficient way to transfer photos from the PC to your iPhone. Users can transfer any kind of data from their account on their mobile devices with ease. Furthermore, it can easily handle and transfer large photo files without corrupting them. Therefore, let’s look at the following steps to learn how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone:

Step 1. Set up OneDrive across your PC and iPhone, sign in with your account, and let it integrate with your PC. Now, open OneDrive using the “File Explorer” on the computer.


Step 2. You can now transfer all your desired photos by dragging them to the OneDrive folder on the left-side panel. This way, all the photos will be easily moved in high-quality, and you can access them through the OneDrive app on your iPhone.