Read how we compared Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8. Differences between Windows 8 and 8.1 are listed in detail. Five Factors That Make Windows 8.1 ‘More You’.

Microsoft Released Windows 8.1 with some core features which makes it ‘More you’. Yes this is the new slogan of Microsoft windows; it focuses on the sharing and multitasking compatibility. For this time this upgrade is not yet available for UK users but soon it will be released worldwide. It is still a Windows 8.1 Preview Version. So there are more things to come to enhance the user’s compatibility. So here we have briefly compared Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1 vs windows 8


First of all If you haven’t downloaded and want to Download Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, following are the links to get it.

Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8

What’s Improved in Windows 8.1

Well, here are some of the features listed to discover a friendly interface.


Windows Start Button

This is the new thing added which has dual functionality. If you right click on Start button it will show a menu which includes Control Panel, Device Manager, Network Connections and Shut down option. As if you click the left button it will open the traditional windows start menu which is called ‘Metro Interface’. We are familiar with it in Windows 8

windows 8.1 start button vs win 8

Enhanced Searching Option

Searching option on the web and in your PC is now belong in the same box. If you want to search a file or you want it to search some information on web you do it in your Windows Search Option from your Start button. It is now associated with Bing and all the web information will be stacked in front of you. So the searching is simple and efficient now.

windows 8.1 search compared with 8

Booting is Fast

Now you can directly boot into your desktop screen within no time. People who don’t have time to see the welcome screen can directly jump on their desktop But still some people like Windows Welcome Screen. So it can be undone. Also you don’t need to have a Hotmail account to sign up. It’s pretty simple now. All you need to do is to activate it by simply go to settings and then properties. Go to the navigation tab and check the box as “Go to desktop Instead of Start for Sign in”.


Multiple Functionality for Live tiles

Now you can select multiple tiles in your start bar and can resize them all at once. Also you can uninstall or Rearrange them all at once. They also made a category bar so you can make categories and arrange your similar apps at one place.

windows 8.1 vs win 8 functionality

Improved Multi-tasking

In the previous version we could only add two live tiles on the screen but Windows 8.1 supports 4 live tiles. You can change the size of each window if that title is more important. You can also shift their places with each other. You can also open these apps on your desktop at the same time.

windows 8.1 vs windows 8 multi tasking

Conclusion – Windows 8.1 Wins

I hope this was all I could think of and you will like Windows 8.1. ‘More you’ represents on the factor of a better interface and that’s what Microsoft is focusing on. It wants it windows to be more reliable and easy to use. So in battle of Windows 8.1 vs 8, 8.1 wins. It brings a whole bunch of improvments.

This Post was Last Updated On: September 24, 2022