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Latest News about security. Note that these are only News Updates. We strictly discourage hacking stuff.

hacker gets reward

Hacker Gets Reward For Reporting Facebook Vulnerability

A Pakistani Former Black Hat – Haider Qureshi, gets reward of 500$  from Facebook under Bug Bounty Program for reporting HTML Injection on Facebook. (more…)

fbi head's data hacked

Hackers Post FBI Heads Private Data

US security agencies were exploring after Russian Hackers Post FBI Heads Private Data and numerous superstars on the web. (more…)

cyber attacks

Cyber Attacks Against Israel Starting on 7th April #OpIsrael

Various hackers joined hand together to launch a massive Cyber Attacks Against Israel with the aim to erase it from the world wide web. (more…)

dubai police arrested a cyber crime gang

Dubai Police Arrested Gang For Hacking Exchange Companies

Dubai Police arrested gang for cyber crime case, The gang who transferred Dh 7 Million from exchange companies in Dubai. acting chief of Dubai Police said on Sunday as per gulf news. (more…)

Zionist-Federation hacked

Zionist Federation of New Zealand Hacked by Moroccan Ghosts

Zionist Federation of New Zealand Hacked by a group known as Moroccan Ghosts. They defaced the official website www.zfnz.org.nz. (more…)

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