Prevent Dell Laptop Overheating and Keep it cool with simple software. This free trick will Make Dell Laptop cool and will stop overheating.

Overview of Dell Laptop Overheating

I am a Dell laptop user for last four years. i know most of you have faced this problem. When Dell laptop is overheated. Surface is so hot that you cannot even place your hand for a while. Don’t worry this is natural with most of New Dell Releases. For example Latest Latitude, Inspiron and Vostro Series.

The processor and Memories are getting more and more bigger. Also some times when you run some heavy game you feel laptop starts burning and gets overheated. Don’t panic, there is a working trick to prevent dell laptop overheating.

prevent dell laptop overheating

Prevent Dell Laptop Overheating With Software

This is a working trick. All you need to do is to install Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Software. It has pre defined set of System Policies e.g. Ultra Performance, Cool, Quiet, Extended Battery Life etc.

You can set this to “Cool” option. Once this software is installed you’ll feel reasonable difference. Your laptop surface will not be overheated.

Dell laptop overheating

Step 1: Install Prerequisite Software

But before installing it, you need to download .NET Framework which is a prerequisite. This is needed for proper running of main dell laptop cooling software.

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Step 2: Install Dell Feature Enhancement Pack

Now Download this software. It is the main tool which will prevent dell laptop overheating. Install this on you machine.


After downloading just install it. In the right bottom of your laptop right click on battery icon. Choose Cool Power Plan. Now you dell laptop will stop overheating.

Before Installing Software You Must Watch This Installation Guide Video



Conclusion – Dell Laptop is Now Cool

There may be other softwares and tips as well. You can also use Dell Cooling Pad to prevent laptop from overheating. The above software will also do the trick. Let us know how you experienced after these steps. Note that it may be compatible with Few of Latitude Series or Inspiron Series.

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This Post was Last Updated On: January 28, 2022