Learn How to Use Yahoo Messenger. It’s IM client to chat with friends, audio video conference easily. Below are easy steps on yahoo messenger usage.

Yahoo Messenger Overview

Yahoo messenger provide us to communicate a lot easier. Chat through texting, voice and video. We can share files, share photos, streaming to radio. Now you can also import your facebook contacts in yahoo messenger.  You can do video chatting with your close relatives that are distance apart. For business purpose we had seen conference chatting is in.

Before Installing Software You Must Watch This Installation Guide Video



If you don’t have installed Yahoo till now, Download it from below button:-

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How to Use Yahoo Messenger


  • Download and install the latest version of yahoo messenger
  • Sign up – Register yourself on yahoo site .it’s free
  • Sign in – Enter your email address and password



  • Click on the icon ‘Add’. Add contacts in your contact list.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger

  • A window will prompt and requires following information. Firstly, enter yahoo ID/email address then secondly, enter first and last name of user which you want to display it in your contacts (optional).Click ‘Next’.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger to create ID

  • Choose group category i.e. work, family, friends, relatives etc. you can also send message to that person whom you are going to add. If he/she is offline, no problem at the time when he/she login they will see your message. Click ‘next’.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger to add friends

The person will see a window giving options to accept or deny, when he/she login.

Use Yahoo Messenger for friends

  • You had 3 options here. First one is ‘Add more details’ you can add more information about that person and then click SAVE&CLOSE. Second one is clicking on next button you can add more other contacts. If you don’t want to add more details and add more contacts simply click on ‘finish’ button.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger list



IM purpose is to open up a blank window instantly. To whom you want to send a message select it from drop down. Write a message and send it.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger to send IM

VOICE | one-to-one instant message

Click on ‘IM’ then on ‘voice’ button .you need head phones and mike to communicate. If the other person has no headphones and mike. He/She can communicate through texting and listen through his/hers PC.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger for voice conferenceVIDEO CHATTING

In the menu bar go to ‘Messenger’ and select ‘Start Web Cam’.

yahoo messenger webcam how to

If IM is already open just click on the webcam and it begins to start video chatting.

yahoo messenger webcam



If you wants to invite a person on webcam. In the menu bar go to the contacts and select ‘Invite to view my webcam’.

how to invite someone to view webcam



It will show to that person like that. It’s their willingness to accept or deny the request. 

yahoo messenger how to use


Go to ‘IM’ and click on ‘CONFERENCE’ button. The window will prompt now add the persons you want to chat in conference and then invite them by click on ‘INVITING’ button.

yahoo im conference chatting

As many people you want to invite you can. It will show on the right side of the window.

ym 13

You can also do voice and video conferencing. After adding people in conference click on ‘voice’ button and you will be on to voice conferencing.

how to use yahoo messenger software


For video conferencing, first go to the menu bar Messenger and select ‘Start my webcam’.

After starting your webcam, go to the conferencing chatting and click contact and select invite to view my webcam. Enjoy using video conferencing. So I Hope you love Yahoo messenger features and have learnt how to use Yahoo messenger.

This Post was Last Updated On: February 2, 2022