Learn how to use uTorrent. It is a protocol which accesses storage place where millions of users upload their files. Use uTorrent to speed up downloads

Overview of uTorrent Usage

Just to share it with you. You can simply download free videos, songs, software’s and much more. You can also upload the content anywhere anytime even if it is already been uploaded. It is a peer-to-peer protocol. It is cheap, fast and efficient. Secondly even if you internet connectivity is disconnected. Your partial downloads will be saved. uTorrent downloads can be easily resumed. This is a big plus point for uTorrent. Downloading can never be impacted due to network disconnections.

How to Download and Install uTorrent

Download your uTorrent Here.


Click on the Free download, the paid version only provides you security from viruses and an advertisement free interface.

How to Use uTorrent For Downloading

There are some torrent search engines on which people upload their data. It is easy to search and download. You can also use built in uTorrent search option.

– Then Download that Torrent file and save it in your Downloads folder.


– Open that file


– it will Start Downloading your file.

How to Speed up your uTorrent Downloads

– In your uTorrent, Go to ‘Options’ – ‘Speed Guide’ – ‘Perform Test’

How to Use uTorrent

– In that ‘Speed Guide’ select the best number that you will receive as your ‘Current Settings’

utorrent speed up

– Type an acceptable port in ‘Current Port’, the range is in between 49512 and 65535

increase utorrent speed

– Now set up Port Forwarding to get high speed downloading.

boost utorrent speed

Conclusion- Use uTorrent and Speed it Up

You I hope you have successfully learned how to use uTorrent for downloading files from torrent. Also You will be able to speed up utorrent downloads if followed the above methods. This will surely help you in practical utorrent use. Let us know if you still face any problems while using utorrent for downloads.

This Post was Last Updated On: September 22, 2013