USB drives use NAND flash memory to store and save data files. It keeps the data portable, as you can carry USB drives anywhere in your pocket. USB drives are also compatible with all common devices allowing access to the stored data on any platform. The ease of use and accessibility of USB drives help professionals and businessmen to carry their essential data anytime.
However, in some crucial situations, you may experience a loss of data on USB drives. It can happen for several reasons, like a virus attack or physical damage. Fortunately, there are some competent data recovery tools like Recoverit that can retrieve lost USB data. To learn more about USB data recovery, continue reading this guide.

Part 1: How USB Data Recovery Tools Works?

USB data recovery functions with compatible recovery software. Recovery tools use advanced technology to analyze and identify corrupted data. Afterward, you have to connect the respective USB drive to the computer. Then, ensure to use a reliable data recovery tool, which will begin scanning the lost data on the USB drive. There are two types of flash data recovery scans: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Each scan is conducted according to the severity of the situation.
After the scanning process, the tool will display the retrieved files in front of you. Now, you can preview the recovered files to check the results. Once you have selected the recovered files, pick a suitable location to store the recovered files. Now, users can start the recovery process of the selected files at the determined location. Afterward, you can verify and check the recovered files saved in your system.

Part 2: How to Use Wondershare Recoverit to Recover Lost USB Data?

Do you want to use a reliable data recovery tool? Wondershare Recoverit provides all the best features to help retrieve lost, inaccessible, and corrupted data. It supports more than 1000 file formats and devices for data recovery. Using this flash drive data recovery tool, you can recover lost photos, videos, documents, emails, and other sorts of data.

Unlike other tools, it does not follow extensive procedures for data recovery. Within three steps, you can retrieve the lost data files easily. Moreover, it supports batch processing to help in improving your workflow. With this option, you can recover multiple damaged files at the same time. It also offers both quick and deep scanning options.

You can also pause and resume the scanning process anytime you want. Once the scanning process retrieves the lost data files, you can preview the results before downloading them. Hence, Recoverit is the most well-known flash data recovery tool for effective data recovery.

Key Features of Wondershare Recoverit

• Compatible Storage Devices: Recoverit supports more than 2000 storage devices for data recovery. It shows compatibility with USB flash drives, external hard drives, music players, audio recorders, NAS servers, SSD cards, etc.
• Work Under All Situations: This tool recovers lost data regardless of the complexity of the situation. It functions in cases like accidental deletion, virus attack, corruption, physical damage, formatting, and many more.
• Filter and Search Options: To navigate to any specific file type after the recovery process, you can use filters on this tool. By conducting a quick search, you can find the desired file quickly.
• Enhanced Recovery: With this feature, you can recover HD, 4K, and high-resolution files effectively. This recovery option executes quick and deep scans to find the lost parts of your data files.

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted USB Data With Wondershare Recoverit
To conduct USB data recovery with Wondershare Recoverit, the process is quite simple. From the below section, you can find proper instructions to recover the lost data on USB drives.

Step 1: Connect the USB Drive

Begin by installing and launching Recoverit on your computer. After its successful installation, connect the targeted USB drive to your computer. Make sure that the USB drive is recognized by your system. From the “External Drives” section, choose the target USB location to execute a scan. After selecting your USB, click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: Preview and Recover the Data

Step 2: Preview and Recover the Data

Now, the tool will start the scanning process on your selected location. Wait until the scanning process gets done. Afterward, you can preview the retrieved files to see the results closely. If you find the results satisfactory, click the “Recover” button. The tool will recover the lost data on the safe output location.

Part 3: Helpful Tips to Successfully Recover Lost or Deleted USB Data

Part 3: Helpful Tips to Successfully Recover Lost or Deleted USB Data

Do you want to successfully recover the lost data from USB drives? To ensure it, check the following tips:
Unplug the USB Drive: Once you are aware that the data has been corrupted in the USB drive, you should unplug it instantly. It may be possible that the virus in the USB drive will start affecting your operating system.
Select a Trustworthy Data Recovery Tool: To recover lost data, you should conduct thorough research on selecting the best tool. The preferred data recovery tool should be compatible with all storage devices and file formats.
Execute Deep Scan: To identify the deleted and hidden data, you should perform a deep and complete scan on your external drive. This will help in recovering the lost data efficiently.
Use Read-Only Mode: The selected tool should provide a read-only mode. This will not let the tool overwrite the existing data on the USB drive.
Make Data Backups: Data loss or corruption is a common factor. To be cautious, you should create data backups on cloud storage platforms. By doing so, you can use the backup data to access your essential files anytime.
Seek Professional Help: Data loss can be complicated and severe in some cases. Moreover, if there is physical damage to your USB drive, you should not perform DIY hacks. Instead, you should immediately seek professional help to recover the lost data.


While using USB drives, data loss can occur due to many reasons. Therefore, you should know about reliable data recovery tools. By reading this article, you can learn how to recover lost data from USB drives with Recoverit. It’s a famous = tool supporting dozens of file formats and storage devices. Thus, you can try Recoverit to retrieve damaged or corrupted data files from external hard drives easily.

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