Business resiliency, often heard in many business circles, refers to an organization’s ability to adapt to its changing environment to ensure continuous operations despite potential disruptions.

To create a resilient business, one must assess the risks associated with the business’ resources and environment and implement a strategy to reduce the business’ vulnerabilities toward those risks.

Today’s world is full of interconnected and globally operating businesses. These businesses practice resilience by relying on secure IT infrastructures to keep their operations protected and withstand and adapt to internal and external threats.

Past cyber attacks have caused a lot of trouble for many businesses, individuals, and even governments. Many of these security breaches could have been prevented by a secure IT infrastructure. It has been estimated that by 2021, such attacks can cost up to $6 trillion every year.

Enterprises need IT security products and services to minimize or prevent cyberattacks and develop policies and solutions for increased business resiliency.

Rhino Network’s Cisco Meraki Security provides the solutions that can address these concerns. Their portfolio of products and services will fit any business’ IT security needs.

How Cisco Meraki’s Products Contribute to Business Resiliency

Some of the benefits of Cisco Meraki’s security products include the following:

• Lowered costs and improved efficiency. Installation and configuration are simple, so there is no need for additional hardware or software to maintain.
• Business security. Seamless firmware and security updates over the internet keep business assets safe from potential cyberattacks.
• Improved productivity. This may be achieved through the faster online gathering of employees and accessing of sites.
• Application visibility and location analytics. Analyze business operations and assets to create insights that can help a business develop solutions.
• Remote troubleshooting. Troubleshooting tools are available to fix issues, even on remote work.
• Automation. Workflow automation and technology integration is done through open API services, improving productivity and efficiency.

Seamless Connectivity and Network Administration

Organizations must monitor and analyze their network assets with ease, convenience, and reliability as part of their business resiliency plan.

This capability allows businesses to respond to any issues within the network without complex procedures and extra equipment, thus saving time and money while improving productivity.

Cisco Meraki’s wireless LAN products ensure users a fast and seamless connectivity experience.

Administrators can manage and analyze the devices and applications in the network through the cloud, eliminating the costs of using traditional wireless controllers.

Continuous Network Connectivity

Large businesses relying on stable and continuous network connectivity need to have a system that will allow work to continue even when there is network trouble, especially issues that are outside the organization’s control.

Meraki’s wireless WAN products allow greater uptime maximization with the auto-SIM failover feature that lets users switch carriers with one click.

Optimized connectivity ensures consistently high performance, especially for bandwidth-intensive applications and places that are hard to reach.

Businesses can easily connect Cisco Meraki’s MG wireless WAN devices to an existing IT infrastructure and be paired with other SD-WAN appliances, IoT devices, or third-party routers.

Capacity to Build Resilient Networks

Cisco Meraki’s switching devices enable businesses to build resilient, high-performance networks for seamless connectivity.

These devices have a simplistic and easy-to-use dashboard for better network management, making configuration and troubleshooting easy and fast.

The switches can be installed and configured through virtual stacking, multicast routing, and the Dashboard API.

Smart Security

Part of an organization’s business resiliency measures is security.
Cameras function as a deterrent to theft and crime, as well as monitoring and protection of employees.
Cisco Meraki’s cameras protect not only the business’ equipment and other assets but also its human assets. These cameras also save on costs since fewer people need to handle security.
Cisco Meraki’s smart cameras are easy to configure and manage. Through the centralized cloud management feature, monitoring all cameras can be done easily from any part of the world and with no additional software needed.
The cameras are highly secure, encrypted by default, and bandwidth conscious. Video storage is placed in the camera to ensure critical network activities have enough capacity.
On-camera video storage and solid-state storage allow recording to continue even when the network connection fails. Video archiving enables the cloud to backup videos for varying lengths, such as 30-, 60-, 90-, 180-, and 365-day options.
Another part of security in business resilience is network security. Large businesses conduct thousands of transactions through the internet, and many business assets are also connected through a network.
Because of this situation, it does not have to take long for a cyber attack to incapacitate an entire network from just one hacked device. This situation is where Meraki’s network security products contribute to business continuity.

Environmental Monitoring

Aside from cyber threats, environmental factors can affect business-critical assets.
Cisco Meraki’s sensors allow remote monitoring and alerting for any adverse changes in the environment.
Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, intrusion, and leaks can be monitored with convenience.
In addition, Cisco Meraki’s sensor products also function as a preventive measure to avoid environment-related damages and help the business take action before actual damage occurs.


Business resiliency is not just a concept that businesses should implement only at the start of their operations. It is a continuous process and strategy that should keep a business’ assets secure and the operations ongoing despite unforeseen events.
Cisco Meraki’s products are tangible tools for a business to realize its plans of becoming a resilient organization. With these tools, the organization can be better poised to develop and implement strategies that will help the business achieve its organizational goals with little to no disruption.

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This Post was Last Updated On: August 24, 2021