EndNote X7 Overview


EndNote X7 is a handy application which can be used for creating complete records of your research materials of any nature. You can easily create bibliographies for your thesis in such few simple steps. With this application you can manage your documentation in a very efficient manner and can build your project effortlessly.


Simplicity is the key to success and that what the developers of this application has brought while designing the layout of its interface. The interface enables everyone to use this application with ease and access different features of the application easily. Its working resembles to that of a library catalog in which you can search thoroughly as well as can add new entries plus can edit the existing entries. With this handy application you can categorize your records in different sections and groups in this way you can easily search for the required book or article without wasting your priceless time. With this utility you can easily create new libraries and add items into them. In order to add new entries you need to specify several parameters like like author, title, year, volume, issue and ISBN etc. It also lets you search for different items online through Library of Congress.


All in all EndNote X2 is a very handy application which can manage all your source material and documentation.

Features of EndNote

  • Can be used for creating complete records of your research materials.
  • Can create bibliographies easily.
  • Can manage your documentations efficiently.
  • Can build projects easily.
  • Simple and easy to handle interface.
  • Can access different features easily.
  • Same working as that of Library Catalog.
  • Can create new libraries.
  • Can search different items online through Library of Congress.


This Post was Last Updated On: June 23, 2016