Well, when it comes to customization, Windows 10 seems to be the best option. Although Windows 10 has a more attractive user interface than Windows 7 or Windows 8, still you may want to tweak it to match your style. However, personalizing Windows 10 is not as easy as it sounds; you may need to make some changes to the Registry files to add/modify visual features.

For some users, editing registry files might be a monotonous task. We don’t recommend any inexperienced user to play with the Windows 10 registry as it could trigger BSOD errors. For regular Windows 10 users, relying on software for customization seems to be the best option.

As of now, there are hundreds of customization tools available for Windows 10. All of those programs serve a different purpose, but only a few of them really changes the way Windows looks and acts. In this article, we will list such apps that will completely transform the Windows 10 UI.

List of 5 Best Customization Tools for Windows 10

However, please note that you can’t access most of the customization options if you are using the non-activated version of Windows 10. Also, few tools might not work on a non-activated Windows 10. To unlock all customization options, you need to use the latest Windows 10 and activate it. You can follow this guide to download Windows 10 latest version step-by-step.

1. RocketDock

RocketDock Getintopc

Ever wanted to add an extra taskbar to pin your favorite apps and folders? If yes, then you need to give RocketDock a try. It’s not precisely a customization tool, but the dock it adds looks fantastic. It’s a simple and lightweight application that provides a dock that you can place anywhere on your screen. On the dock, you can pin your favorite shortcuts, applications, and even folders. Additionally, you can customize the dock by using the skin packs and icon packs.

2. WinAero Tweaker

WinAero Tweaker

WinAero Tweaker is for those who have been searching for a free program to customize the Windows 10 UI elements. It’s a lightweight program that’s fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 operating system. The good thing about WinAero Tweaker is that it offers you a wide range of customization options, like you can change the title bar color, change the minimize/maximize animation, change the icon style, disable Aero Snap, and more.

3. Rainmeter


Rainmeter is by far the best and most popular Windows 10 customization tool that you can use today. The program works on the concept of Skins, as there are hundreds of Skins available for Rainmeter. You will find Rainmeter skins that can be as simple as a weather widget or as complicated as an entirely different desktop showing network usage, RAM usage, etc. You can even create your own skin to use with Rainmeter.

4. Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

If you are searching for an advanced version of WinAero Tweaker, then your search should end here. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a leading Windows 10 customization tool that could help you in multiple ways. It does offer few great customization options like customizing the context menu, tab previews, changing menu colors, and more. A few settings in Ultimate Windows Tweaker can even help you speed up the operating system.

5. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine

Well, Wallpaper Engine is a premium tool that you can purchase from the Steam Store. It’s a desktop utility that allows you to create amazing video wallpapers. If you don’t want to create, you can use Wallpaper Engine to apply video wallpapers shared by others. Some of the video wallpapers were so good that they could easily satisfy your customization needs. Additionally, new live wallpapers were added to the Wallpaper Engine’s steam library regularly.

These are some of the excellent Windows 10 customization tools that you can use today. I hope this article helped you, please share it with your friends also. Also, do let us know your favorite customization tool in the comment section below.

This Post was Last Updated On: March 6, 2021