If you are the in the market looking for pdf editor with OCR capabilities, you already know what is ocr pdf and that the market is led by the giant Adobe followed by other companies vying for your attention. None, however, come close to what is offered by Wondershare PDFelement. PDFelement 9 with OCR is the best alternative to Acrobat Pro DC.

Wondershare PDFelement 9: Best Acrobat Pro DC Alternative With OCR

Part I: What Is Wondershare PDFelement 9?

Wondershare pdfelement for mac, windows, android and even iOS is your PDF solution, simplified as it is an easy, fast, and affordable way to edit PDFs, convert PDFs and sign your PDFs on your Mac, Windows, Android and even iOS operating systems.

Wondershare PDFelement 9 is built from the ground up to not just encompass everything that customers have come to love about the product, but also give customers more than ever before by way of adding new capabilities and overhauling the UI to make PDFelement 9 the best version of Wondershare PDFelement ever released. Did you know it also lets you edit, convert and sign PDFs from the web?

If you have never used OCR PDF before, you might be wondering about the buzz surrounding OCR PDF as the term OCR is used commonly in marketing materials among PDF editors and if that helps you in any way. One of the reasons why people are fond of Acrobat Pro DC is because of its PDF-editing capabilities that feature OCR. OCR is a term that is thrown around a lot today, given the digital age we live in. Today, let us talk about what is OCR, what about OCR in PDFs, and how Wondershare PDFelement 9 helps you OCR PDFs easily.

Part II: What Is OCR?

OCR is the abbreviated form of the term Optical Character Recognition and was designed to recognize characters in a language so that the document that is scanned can be used as more than a digital photo/ image of the physical document and that the data thus recognized be used in common scenarios.

For example, instead of having a photo of a business card, scanning with OCR-enabled software means the software could scan and pick the characters, recognize the data as meaningful information, and make it work for you, all in an automated fashion. In case of the business card, scanning the card using a software capable of OCR, you could create contacts in your phone directory as the software would use OCR technology to recognize phone numbers and addresses in the business card.

Part III: Why Do I Need To OCR PDF?

Do you have scanned files that you can read on your computer but do nothing more? Then, you need a PDF converter with OCR capabilities to create OCR PDFs from your scanned files. Why?

Wondershare PDFelement 9: Best Acrobat Pro DC Alternative With OCR 2

When you use an OCR PDF converter such as Wondershare PDFelement 9 to scan your files and convert them into PDFs, you gain several advantages. These include but are not limited to:
-the ability to search text in the converted PDF files
-the ability to rework the data in the files, for example, you can correct a spelling mistake and create a new PDF with minimal effort with PDFelement 9 because it even maintains your formatting including the fonts in the original file
-the ability to extract data that can then be used in other apps without the need to type all of it
-the ability to perform batch operations to maximize productivity and minimize time wastage.

These are genuine timesaver features that you would not know how you did without the moment you start using them.

Part III: What Are The OCR PDF Features Of Wondershare PDFelement 9?

Wondershare PDFelement 9: Best Acrobat Pro DC Alternative With OCR 3

So how does PDFelement 9 help you to OCR PDFs? Let us dive into the rich feature set of Wondershare PDFelement 9 to give you an idea about its PCR PDF features and how you can benefit from them.

OCR Engine Powered By ABBYY
You might not have heard about ABBYY, but they have been in the PDF industry for a long time now and are considered one of the pioneers in OCR PDF in the industry. ABBYY FineReader PDF has repeatedly been awarded as the best in the industry when it comes to OCR PDF capabilities, as late as 2020 and 2022. The same ABBYY FineReader OCR PDF engine is the brawn behind Wondershare PDFelement 9, and the results are amazing.

Optical Character Recognition And Layout Analysis

Wondershare PDFelement 9: Best Acrobat Pro DC Alternative With OCR 4

One of the challenges in OCR tech is to quickly and accurately analyze the image to recognize all text contained therein. This would still be easier were the text be printed in just one font, but there are countless fonts, and then there is handwriting. Wondershare PDFelement 9 excels in such scenarios and even analyses the layout and accurately reproduces it for editing.

Language Support

To perform those tasks with aplomb, the software must recognize and support a myriad of languages to be any useful in the international market. Wondershare PDFelement 9 supports over 20 languages.

Batch OCR Support

PDFelement 9 is chock-full of features that cater to specific needs of professional users. Organizations and professional users are one of the heaviest users of scanning for record-keeping and automation benefits both. PDFelement 9 allows professional users to create, convert and print multiple PDFs in one go for convenience and timesaving.

Part IV: How To Convert A Scanned PDF To Editable PDF With Wondershare PDFelement 9?

If you think you are impressed with what you have read so far about the rich feature set of PDFelement 9, you will drool over just how easy it is to engage and harness all that tech. Here is how to convert a scanned PDF to editable PDF in PDFelement 9:

Step 1: Open the scanned PDF in Wondershare
Step 2: Click the Edit tab to start

Wondershare PDFelement 9: Best Acrobat Pro DC Alternative With OCR 5

Step 3: PDFelement 9 notifies you to perform OCR. Apply OCR. That is it!

After the OCR process is complete, the editable file is shown where you can proceed to editing and save when done.


In this age and time, digitization is the key to success, and that begins with proper digitization of documents that you store for your records. When you make the documents searchable by way of converting standard image-based PDFs into editable OCR PDFs, you can harness the full power of modern technology that is at your disposal. Instantly, you can search for that one word across all your documents – including the scanned files that are now OCR PDFs, because you started using a PDF converter. Try Wondershare PDFelement 9 today and see the difference a simple but powerful software can make to your workflow and productivity.

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This Post was Last Updated On: August 23, 2022