Once a 1980s movie trope, Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming the real deal.

The realm of Android VR is only in its infant stage, but what’s on offer is already mind-blowing. Some games tell stories while others let you create your own.

Android VR gives you a similar experience to bulky, expensive VR headsets. All with the added convenience we’ve come to expect from our mobile devices.

VR on Android – the basics

Before you download your favorite game on this list, there are a few Android VR basics we should cover.

What is required?

VR has become available on a wide range of android smartphones. Make sure your device is VR compatible or check for VR compatibility.

Secondly, a mobile VR headset is required. There are inexpensive options like Google’s Cardboard, made exactly from what it sounds like.

Check out the VR headset buying guide if you’re having trouble picking a headset,
Where do I download VR games from?
The majority of Android VR games will be available on official app stores:
Google Play;
Oculus Rift Store;

If you decide to browse or download from unofficial sites, make sure to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can start a Surfshark VPN free trial and discover the perks of safe browsing.

VR Games On Android Top 9 Picks Of 2022

Top 9 Android VR games you have to play

Fresh from the Android VR ecosystem, we’ve compiled 10 titles you need to play this year.

#1. Fulldive VR

Are you looking for a “does it all” VR app? Fulldive VR combines a vast catalog of games with a VR camera and even a web browser.

You can also watch YouTube in VR, 360, or 3D. The app claims to offer cash, Bitcoin, and other rewards for browsing, listening to music, or watching videos.

The user-generated content app doubles as a social platform, available on all VR devices.

#2. Wands

Get dropped into a magic-filled 19th-century London, in Wands. This fast-paced multiplayer shooter favors magic wands over machine guns.

Fire an array of unique spells at an AI opponent or face players from around the globe. There are loads of spells, characters, and wands to unlock.

Wands also supports cross-platform play, so you can battle your friends no matter what device they use.

#3. Galaxy VR

What would VR be without a retro spacecraft FPS? Galaxy VR is for lovers of sci-fi and nostalgic space-shooter arcade games.

Play from the cockpit of your spacecraft, blasting away at countless enemies. Alternatively, you can land your craft and face your opponents on foot.

Galaxy VR also requires a joystick or keyboard due to its complexity.

#4. Second Life

Going to the cinema, a music club, or a business meeting was once reserved for the real world. Second Life offers just that – a separate life from your own.

On the platform, you can customize your avatar and meet new friends. Second Life also provides spaces for branded, remote business conferences and meetings.

#5. Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

For fans of treasure hunt and puzzle games, there’s Hidden Temple – VR Adventure. This point-and-click pays homage to classic PC puzzle games, adapted to the world of VR.

Deep in the jungle in an ancient temple, solve the puzzles to reach the treasure before being buried in the tomb forever.

#6. VR Noir

A bold step in VR cinematography, VR Noir is one of the best VR games currently available. In this crime story, solve clues as Veronica Coltrane, a private detective.

Advance through multiple locations and watch the mystery unfold. Offering a more cinematic experience than others, VR Noir is a must-play for true-crime enthusiasts.

Games like VR Noir show how television and VR may merge in the years to come.

#7. Virtual Virtual Reality

Dripping in meta-humor, V-VR is a narrative-driven game. Set in a future where AI has reshaped the world, you must aid your AI overlord or attempt escape.

Using virtual VR headsets you can view over 50 virtual-virtual realities. This comedy adventure is packed with mini-games and an unraveling storyline.

Virtual Virtual Reality is a hilarious, self-aware trip into a dystopian future, ruled by AI.

#8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

One of the best multiplayer Android games now has VR compatibility. The silly puzzle game is perfect to play with friends and for parties.

You’re alone in a room with a bomb and only you can see it. Your friends, the “Experts”, have a manual with the instructions on how to defuse it.

KTNB is an instant classic that will have you laughing in no time.

#9. Minecraft VR

Another VR adaptation, Minecraft VR is the same game you know and love in your headset. Chop, dig, mine, build and explore your way through this classic.

The VR version also provides 3D sound alongside 360-degree vision. While the game may be familiar, you’ll be immersed on a whole other level.

Android VR and the future of gaming

VR made its way onto our smartphones, showing a possible trend toward its accessibility in the future.

Deeper immersion, fluid controls, and 360-degree soundscapes show a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Lovers of interactive gameplay can rejoice knowing the future of gaming looks bright.

This Post was Last Updated On: July 18, 2022