The new GPU from Nvidia, the RTX 4060, will be hitting the shelves soon. What do we know about this new device? Find out here.

In news that excited video games across the industry, from console gamers to fans of Android games, details about the brand new Nvidia RTX 4060 have finally been revealed.
While it’s not quite hit the market yet, the release date is approaching soon. Ahead of the launch, we’ve put together a guide with everything that is currently known about the Nvidia RTX 4060. Read on to check it out.

Everything We Know About the Nvidia RTX 4060

What is the Nvidia RTX 4060?

The RTX 4060 is the latest graphics processing unit (GPU) from the US-based computer technology company Nvidia. The company has long been known for its high-quality GPUs, which are used by gamers around the world to achieve crystal clear, ultra-high-quality graphics and visuals.
After an enormous amount of rumour and speculation, the RTX 4060 specs were eventually released and confirmed by Nvidia. The unit’s clock base will be 1.83GHz, but users will be able to boost this all the way up to 2.46GHz. The RTX 4060’s total board clocks in at just 115W, making it incredibly energy friendly.
Much like other Nvidia GPUs, the RTX 4060 is believed to be built around the AD107 chip. While the unit has fewer CUDA cores than previous models, its architecture means it will still perform faster.

Incredible Graphics for Computer, Console, Apple, and Android Focused Games

Whether you’re playing computer or Android games, you’ll certainly see the difference if you decide to use the RTX 4060. For Android focused games, a mobile version of the unit was released earlier this year, while the standard version will be available for PC users to install on their computers.
A more powerful version of the unit, the RTX 4060 Ti, is expected to be released shortly after the standard unit. The Ti model will be released in both 8GB and 16GB versions. The base model of the RTX 4060 will hit the shelves on June 29, while the upgraded versions should be available in July.

How much will the Nvidia RTX 4060 Cost?

Computer tech doesn’t come cheap, and many believe that you have to splash the cash if you want the very best. In many cases, this is true, but Nvidia has long been known for being able to guarantee high quality at affordable prices.
The standard RTX 4060 will ship for $299. This is considerably cheaper than other GPUs on the market and will be the perfect option for entry-level gamers looking to dip their toes in the world of customizable gaming units.
For the more powerful versions, you can expect to pay a higher price. The 8GB RTX 4060 Ti will ship for $399, while the 16GB version will ship for $499.


Any new Nvidia release has the gaming world excited, and the upcoming RTX 4060 is certainly no exception. This new GPU will offer a new level of high-quality graphics and, perhaps most importantly, will retail for an affordable price that will not alienate the average gamer while still serving as a powerful and functional GPU.

This Post was Last Updated On: July 1, 2023