Request Section

You can place your Software request in comments below. We’ll try to post that as soon as we can.

  • Okay sure.

  • Retry and generate fresh link now.

    • Aamir Ansari

      Hey Fatima Afridi, please review dell inspiron 11 3000 series 2 in 1 laptop withcore i3 processor.

  • Rajesh Bansal

    please tell me which downloader is very much helpful to download subtitled video or video with subtitled?

  • It is already posted in site.

  • Most of the new software are only for 64 bit.

  • Sure.

  • Singh Parminder

    plz uploade linke adobe after effact cc 32bit…..

  • RoyalMadu

    Hexel from marmoset please…

  • Most of the latest Adobe tools only work on 64 bit.

  • bill qian

    I want parallels desktop

  • Okay sure.

  • akshay kumar

    Please upload Inkjet Printer Drivers As soon as Possible

  • We have stopped working on them on this site.

  • Sure.

  • Suman Rath

    can you upload windows 10 IP 10565 pro x64?

  • Muhammad Ashraf Ali Yusuf

    Hi, is it possible to get buildbox

  • Nur Azieyati Mat Isa

    hi.. am request
    1. Sofware convert PDF to Autocad/ Cad Dwg.
    2. Sofware Take Off Drawing like this


  • XP is already posted.

  • Sure. I have noted it down.

  • Okay sure.

  • Emmo Choudary

    how to skip a survey plzzz help me

  • Michael Vincent Gozalo

    Hello Fatima, I am having a hard time finding on a Makemusic Finale software.. Please upload an offline installer of Finale software… Any version will do as long as it is offline installer.. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Fatima! 🙂

    • Okay sure.

      • Ąsaď KhøSø

        hi Fatima How R u Wanna Be friend?

  • Michael Vincent Gozalo

    By the way, Finale is a music scoring and music notation software.. Thanks in advance!

  • You should update your system.

  • millekatten

    Hi saw on earlier post a couple year ago Reg Commandos 3. The 3 folders have a bin and a cue file. i sount the first folder and then when it prompts me to set in disk 2 when I mount is it doesnt continue but only gives the options for open folder. same with disc 3. What is wrong? Saw you where expert on this things

    • Have you followed the instructions from solvetube?

  • Muhammad Bilal

    I need Bionumerics software, Thanks!

  • Sure I’ll look into this.

  • Sure.

  • Syed Shaishad

    i want Facerig

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Okay.

  • Okay sure.

  • Microsoft Security essentials is good.

  • It is already posted.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • Shalith Malshan
  • Alan LaMunyon

    need dell oem windows 8 please thanks soo much

  • jithin

    fatima please post the windows 10 iso (not preview soon ) iam waiting for this

  • Eifelguy


    I am looking for Windows Home Server which is based on XP / Server 2003. If it is possible I would appreciate to get a version in german language. Don’t know if I could even use the MUI Pack for the Home Server, but if so, an english version would even meet my demands at all.

    Thank you for publishing and keeping alive this website which often helped me to get a special piece of software, I was looking for. I really like your work and always enjoy to browse the website – even when I’m not looking for something special at least.

  • I’ve noted it down. Will post it.

  • Okay sure. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Welcome.

  • Sure.

  • Thanks buddy

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Sure.

  • plz also upload “SpeedFan”

  • Artan S

    Hi, this is one of the best sites ever with the best software available. I enjoyed it and bookmarked to visit it very often.
    Will you be able to get the”Visual MP4/MOV Time Stamp (vMTS)”
    Thank you

  • Yup it is plusserver.

  • Sure I’ll post it.

  • Which password? BIOS or Windows?

  • I’ll post that

  • Make Ubuntu USB with Rufus. During Ubuntu You’ll get option to install it using Dual Boot. Choose Dual Boot option.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • I’ll soon post.

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • These are all Android Game Emulators. I think Keith wants Other Game Emulators e.g. PS2 and XBOX etc?

  • What are your system specs? Andy works great on 4GB RAM

  • Install MS Security Essentials.

  • This will become very huge ISO. By the way you can build your own All in one from YUMI Multiboot.

  • Use easeus data recovery.

  • I don’t think so bluestack will cause any problem for Andy. But It is better to have one. Because these new android emulators consume lot of ram.

  • Thanks for guiding.

  • Okay I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • I used photoshop.

  • No No. You don’t have to extract it. Follow proper installation.

  • Akvas

    iClone any version please.

  • kooking

    Hi can update adobe InDesign cc? thanks!

  • Okay sure. I’ll look into this.

  • No I’m not using any CDN.

  • I’ll look into this.

    • Rohendra Jas

      um if u do find any software like that can u post it up

  • You can try other 32 bit version of windows 10.

  • Okay sure. I have noted it down and will post it.

  • I have added 2016 already.

  • Soumyaranjan Joshi

    how can i download project igi

  • Soumyaranjan Joshi

    plz tell me d site

  • Okay sure. I have noted it down.

  • Okay I have noted it down.

  • Sure I’ll upload.

  • 🙂 I’ll soon post.

  • Try Official Drivers for wifi.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • Buy a dedicated server.

  • You can install Language packs later on.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Have you tried scanning your PC for malware?

  • Then it seems there is some hardware issue or incompatibility with Windows 10

  • No it’s not complex. Simply Double click the dxsetup.exe inside the files.

  • Pleasure.

    • Ar Azrai

      Hi, Fatima, any news about the software

  • Sure. I’ll look into this.

  • Nell McCampbell

    I have been gifted from this site…thank you. Bought a new computer and it didn’t come with office. I would love to have microsoft word if you have it…thanks

  • First of all login DNS Manager of your domain panel. Create a zone of type @ and name it “dl”

    Then point this zone to VPS IP address.

  • You need to install some PHP Secure Link Code.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • sudarsan

    pls upload adobe master collections

  • I’ve already noted it down and will post it.

  • not available

    Hiiii.. Can u please upload a windows 7 ultimate or professional 64 bit WITHOUT SERVICE PACK….
    have been searching for it for long…!

  • Sure I will.

  • Okay sure.

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • This is already on my list.

  • XP Pro is already posted.

  • Thank you for great suggestion.

  • Sure I’ll work on this.

  • Pleasure.

  • Gytis

    hi, can someone upoad dell windows 8.1 oem disk iso for Dell 3542 (Inspirion 15)
    ? please

  • Raja

    Please upload Blackarch Linux…..

  • I have noted it down & will post it.

  • They are not virus.

    • Nadeem khan

      but in youtube channel many says that they are virus

  • Okay sure.

  • I’ll soon post it.

    • شاہد شکور


  • It is already added.

  • Okay I’ll post it.

  • Sure I will.

  • venkey

    Ok thank you memmm i will wait her

  • venkey

    Mem please upload ”Water Mark Creater” And Logo aCreater plz plz plz for windows .

  • venkey

    You web site was amazing. I like it, and recomand my friends and family,

  • Haider Abbas

    Assalam e alaikum aap k website bohat achi hy…aap mujhy bta saqti hain k best video editing software kon sa hy

  • Venkatesh Muripala

    hello Fatima i hope you are doing great i need counter strike global offensive clean version can you upload it please 🙂

  • rolly340

    plz upload PSCAD ——- power system CAD :/ . grt work …..i love this site :*

  • Chad McCabe

    Would someone please post windows home server … any version or an all in one version would be great … or windows server embedded like the one used in NAS drives …. thanks so much

  • شاہد شکور

    Aslam o Alikum…. Thanks for upload Windows 10 Build 14251.

  • sap students

    Fatima G can you please arrange “SAP Business Suit 7i /2013” Dump(Installation Media) non IDES, ie production version. Having size 27 gb for windows server or rhel server. IDES stands for Internet development n education system. Plz provide “non-ides” ie production version if possible..
    With warm regards,
    Keith Pandey,

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

    • gusty nana yaw sekyi

      FATIMA pls can u give me ur email …..pleas

  • I’m sorry I had to remove that on request from owners. I’ll soon post that with in 2 days.

  • Sure. I have noted it down.

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • How much speed are you getting? Use IDM or DownthemAll Addon of Firefox.

  • Okay sure. I’ve noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Enjoy.

  • If you find anything missing here already then post the name here, we’ll try to upload soon.

  • Have you tried this 70in1 ISO? Make it Bootable on USB and enjoy.

  • Thanks, I’ll look into this.

  • I have noted it down.

  • You should use IDM or Downthemall for fast and error free download.

  • mnhs

    please upload ticketbench pro

  • I’ll try to find compressed version. But it is impossible to fine. Because in heavy compressions there is always more chance of data corruption.

  • Chetan Panchal

    do we have Polarr Photo Editor for windows?

  • Bob Tickles

    Camtasia 6.8 plz plz plz

  • Noted down.

  • sarath

    thanks for ur reply

  • Which error are you getting?

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Wow Great.

  • Sure, I have noted it down.

  • I have noted it down.

  • I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Did you try from official Site for drivers for IBM?

  • Kasun Dhananjaya

    Hi there, I’m a huge fan of your site and often gets help from it. Can you pls find me

    “MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit”. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • شاہد شکور

    Aslam O Alikum How are you ? Please upload windows 10 build 14271….

  • Sorry the last one HDmovies is not our site. We don’t have any movies site.

    • Muhammad Umar Rashid

      pls tel me which driver pack i used for driver i have probook 5320m i used all driver pack which you provided in your web site but nothing happend

    • Mujahid Mohammed

      I already used the software and it wont worked for me .A Part from this i also used PRTG software
      if you have a software which shows individual PC bandwidth do share

  • Sure I’ll post it.

  • I have noted it down.

  • I have noted it down

  • Sure.

  • Dylan Taylor

    please upload WindowBlinds 0.40

  • I have noted these down and will soon post it.

  • ankit jha

    plzz upload windows 10 rs build 14279

  • Sure, I’ll look into this.

  • garbar312

    Could you add Sony DVD Architect

  • Raj Haraniya

    Hello Fatima , Can you upload the newer version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build number 14291 ? It has major fixes. So you will also get higher download rate of that. Thank You

  • Patrick Solomon Iheienwawegozi

    Thank you for the updates and softwares you have been posting here, it was really helpful. Can you please post CorelDraw X8 32bit and 64bit versions? I would like you to make reference to my email address on when you post it, thanks. If you can post Youzign 2.0, Windows Version, I will be most grateful, thanks

  • I’m working on it.

    • Farouq Hbeeb

      it says the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).click ok to close the application

    • Ya C ir

      hey Fatima 😉 u r the best I say to providing these usefull softwares for us
      inshallah u will get success in every field of life

  • amazonas333 .

    Hello Fatima, you are doing an awesome job here!!! It would be great to fin here Autodesk SketchBook Pro 7, win32.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Have a nice day

  • Manu Shukla

    Could ypu please add my software in your website from

  • ahmad mirza

    Salam to admin. First of all thank you very much for this outstanding work and we really appreciate your effort. Dear admin i need a software called “jFormDesigner”

  • zohair salama

    Hi Fatima, thank you very much for this web site and i am very grateful.
    1-Red Giant: SUITE
    2-Red Giant: SHOOTER SUITE

  • I’ll soon upload.

  • Sorry I was away out of town

  • Sure, I’ll update it.

  • Saif Uddin

    Kindly add Atomistix , Virtual NanoLab. Gratitude 😉

  • Leroy Dyer

    i was wondering if it was possible to upload visual paradigm? it is used for system design and program designing. a very good diagramming software which can also generate reports and code for java programmers as well as database models for oracle and SQL based databases.

  • Thanks for feedback. I have noted it down.

  • Sure 🙂

  • Brahim Saad

    1/ make sure that your website is secured
    2/ can you add Backbox linux for penetration testing to your website ?

  • I think your download is corrupted.

  • VLC is able to play all files.

  • I’ll work on that.

  • Ahmed Hussain

    AssalamuAlaikum Fatima,

    Please help me to get the ( GILLS SANS INFANT MT ) font for Windows.


    Ahmed Hussain.

    Allah Hafiz.

  • Aisosa Adeghe

    Any news for Ultraedit??

  • naeem safi

    Aoa…I need a regstered office 0365, 2013,. If there is then kindly post..thnx

  • rajeev sinha

    hello there,
    thanks for everything you have provided….. please provide me solidworks 2011 also…i am very neddy for this

  • Maher Badhawy

    Fatima ccan u get for us quantum break please?

  • Deepak Pandey

    firstly i am very thankful to the work you are doing ,wonderful God bless you and ,please mam upload wolfram system modeler 4.2 0r 4.1 and pdf of” Hands on start to mathmatica” book and”wolfram programming language ”pdf.

  • Austin Nova

    Fatima do you think you can upload the newest version of Factorio please?

  • roy

    hi fatima i am currently looking for micros restaurant software for sales, i hope and believe you will get one for me, thanks in advance

  • Okay I’ll look into this. Meanwhile have you tried this one?

  • None of these exist in real. All such tools on net are fake

  • umer

    hi , I got my encyclopedia britanica downloaded

    • There are clear instructions inside to follow proper installation

  • UR

    Hi Fatima , Can we get latest RedHat free version ( which does not require any registration and fee ).

    by the way nice software resources you have collected.

  • I have noted it down

  • Emperor Zose

    Hey Fatima, first of all Thnx so mutch for the site and keep up the great work!!But could you please tell me what i am doing wrong? every time i try to download an ISO, i get the website please Help!!!!! I really need win server 2012 R2 essentials, but i can’t get it!! Thnx

    • Please click the button which states click here to proceed on filehoslguru page. You’re download will start after three step

  • I have noted it down

  • John Nagi Labib

    I would like to see an All In One version for/of Microsoft Windows Vista on your website!

  • I have noted it down

  • I’ll soon post it

  • I’ll look into this.

  • kanishka mithila

    Please help me.
    Fix black screen problem :COD:world at war black screen problem.
    Please help me.

  • kanishka mithila

    Hi Fatima,
    I have a big problem.
    How to fix cod :world at war black screen problem?
    Please help me.
    My pc system requirements : xp
    CPU. Pentium 4 2.66GHz
    VGA. 256MB

    Please help me.

    • Have you followed the video instructions in video guide?

  • I have noted it down

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • Kent Dave Catipay

    Hi..your sites is a very great help to me.. I can say your sites has the unlimited capabilities of different software and games. Can u also include those adobe after effects plugins? especially those RedGiant and VideoCopilot.
    Here I will give you the links of Site who managed to work on this plugin
    all links are in adobe’s. Thank You

    • I have noted down your request and will post soon

      • Kent Dave Catipay

        ok thanks

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will post it.

  • I’m sorry I’ll post this tomorrow.

  • I have noted down your request.

  • Jäspër Ðë Gûzmãñ

    i just want to ask a favor not forcing you guys to do it, but yeah i want a ip changer same to a software called express vpn, thank you so much

  • Okay sure, I’ll post it.

  • I have noted it down

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • Revo is good.

  • saurabh

    pleaase upload ORACLE10gR2 64 bit Linux

  • Parzival563

    post a video showing how to install ive tried everything i couldnt get 4 different apps to install and run properly…

  • TheTurkGamer

    nevermind your isos are working but can you do also windows 2000 including sata drivers?

  • Anirudh

    I need the latest version of Windows 10 Redstone Build (14366)

  • hassen hamdi

    Hi getinto pc thx for tis website and ur effort and keep on. If possible I want vocaloid v4.2.1 and arigato

  • There is an Install Notes already in it.

  • erin

    Can you guys please do The Sims 4: Get To School PC?

  • Rauank

    You are doing great job. I have seen Oceanof games and Oceanof Apk. Do you have any other sites?
    I want Unity 3d professional edition pls….

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ll soon post unity 3D Pro.

  • Yes ofcourse. Several are posted in Tuneup category.

  • Thanks for suggestions, we’ll look into this.

  • Olajide David Braimoh

    Hi please i’m really in need of crazytalk 8 pro and the resource pack and i’m very greatfull for all the softwares you guys have been putting here. thank you.

  • Daisy Khavesa

    Is it possible to add LongTail Pro?

  • I have noted down your request

  • Rohan Saini

    hii fatima can you suggest me how i can learn after effect and make my future bright can you

  • Rohan Saini

    plz share some things in my inbox if you have some time

  • I’ll look into this.

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • jithin

    please post windows 10 pro original version i mean official release (i am not satisfied with the build versions)

    please post windows 10 pro as soon as possible

    it is my humble request don’t reject it please give me a answer

  • Unza

    As Salaamu Alaikum Fatima

    Jumaah Mubaarak and I trust you are well

    Please advise where can I download Intuit Quickbooks Premier UK version 2014 or later editions
    I keep finding the USA version which is not compatable with my current data


  • jithin





    fatima, i am happy and grateful that you are helping us in all the way by making GETINTOPC – FOR SOFTWARES, OCEANOFGAMES – FOR GAMES, OCEANOFMOVIEZ – FOR MOVIES, OCEANOFAPKS- FOR ANDROID, but one thing is missing , everyone old days is with our cartoons and animated series like CARTOON NETWORK – dexter laboratories, the mask, scooby doo, the flinstones, the jetsons, powerpuff girls, dragon ball z, the addams family, superman, batman, road runner show, looney tunes, silvester and tweety mysteries,

    DISNEY- alladins, yogi bear, donal duck, mickey mouse

    MARVEL- spider man all shows, iron man, hulk, silver surfer, fantastic four and many more we all view this shows in our childhood, and i think you and only you can bring all thing back in our life by making this new web site for cartoons or whatever you want, please bring all that again.

    • Thank you so much for feedback. Sure we’ll work on this.

  • You need Speech to Text converter

  • try upload android software like debuging software etc…..

  • dean

    hi! I always download from this site 🙂 could you add jumpstart collection? badly need it for my nephew!

  • McNyaramba

    Hi, Thanks for all you are doing, could you kindly add Schrodinger 2016-2 Suite. If possible both linux and windows

  • Aman Singh

    Can you upload windows 8.1 64-bit compressed upto 1gb plz.

  • manjit bawa


  • I’ll post it tomorrow

    • Secret

      Thank you admin, i’m eagerly waiting for it like other visitors of, You have been providing every useful thing for free to all and needless to mention at High download speed with Resume support too. That’s the main point that i’m waiting to download it from although other options are also available. 🙂

  • I’ll update it tonigh

  • Bloxie Tone

    The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has arrived. Can you add it please?

  • Secret

    Dear Admin, can you please add one small feature in your website? For instance, in the comment section, there should be the option to insert the picture as well along with the comment. Sometimes, when the downloaded content encounter any error while installing, then at this moment, the downloader could explain the problem in better way by inserting the error message / picture. i hope you will take my request into serious consideration soon. 🙂

    • We have disabled it intentionally. So that no one can misuse by upload inappropriate images

      • Secret

        “… no one can misuse by upload inappropriate images…” if it’s the thing then still there is the chances that anyone can do it intentionally by uploading inappropriate image as a profile pic which i think you too can’t deny admin.

        • Oops You are right 🙂 But you know profile pics are small but media attachments here will be so big :p

  • Chan Wu

    please add dlc for the evil within they are the assignment, the consequence, the executioner

  • somekindofdude

    Hello, can you upload Windows LongHorn?


  • I’ll look into this.

  • I’ll post it soon

  • Can you send me screenshot?

    • Prince Virgo

      #Fatima Afridi

      please can you upload latest ESET Smart Security Business Edition alongwith offline updated option for win10 64bit

  • What error do you get while trying to access oceanofgames?

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    Hi Fatima can you please add ‘Net Monitor For Employees Pro 5.2.3’ ? thanks for this awesome site you’ve created

  • Amalu Collins

    Does this vmware work in amd processor??

    Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 VMware Image Technical Setup Details

    Software Full Name: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 VMware Image
    Setup File Name:
    Full Setup Size: 7.4 GB

    Please I need feedback. I don’t want to download 7.4GB and it doesn’t work wit my processor.

    please I’ll love a response to my email.

    Thank U

  • Pranav Tk

    i love this site but it could have been even more better if you start providing pc games

  • Saksham Bedi

    PURALEYES 4.1 …as soon as possible !

  • arhaan k

    hello fathima,
    Need of adobe cc master collection …
    Also i want to give a sugession, when i am finding a file it does find from a exact word ,it gives revelent softwares also.

    If u will make your search box in such a way that their should be that whether you want to search with exact word or relevent..
    Thank YOu…
    Hope you will consider this

  • YashpalSinh Rayjada

    Please post ” Windows xp luxury edition ” OS.

  • Premzky Hansky

    hy fatima can you upload adobe after effect cc, not “cc 2014” or “cc 2015”. just “cc”
    thank you 🙂

  • Swiggity Swaggity

    Hello, can you please upload video copilots element V2.2 please? Thankyou for all that you provide us with 🙂

  • Hi,

    I want to say that your website is just marvelous; I am a daily user of your website generally I always download software from your website. You provide many more options for one solution.

    I also want to list some of our free products such as: MailsDaddy Free MSG Viewer, MailsDaddy Free PST Viewer and MailsDaddy Free OST Viewer etc.on your website. So, I would like to request you that please review our software. If the software fulfills your all criteria, then list our software. Many of our customers want our software on your website so please check out the list of products.

    Best Regards,
    Ravi Gupta

  • Thanks, Sure I’ll post it.

    • ghost68

      Hi Fatima.Your website is really great.Can u add UBS ACCOUNT SOFTWARE.? Very urgent.Thank you again

    • Abdul Raouff Siddiqui

      hello mam
      i need school maintaining software plz guide me !

  • kago khachana

    hey Fatima, can you pleeeease upload JustInMind premium prototyping software..thanks you again for this awesome website.

  • Manish Giri

    fatima plz upload bluesoleil latest version

  • What?

    • Victor Bustillos

      Hi beautiful i love u

  • Néndi

    fatima help me..
    game : thief
    when i extract..the iso is corrupt
    all corrupt, except bin-z
    help me pls

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Sure, I have noted it down

    • Mohibbullah Talukdar Jony

      Thank you so much sister.
      Do something as fast as u can.
      I found ur site so helpful & i am sharing it to my friends, elders, classmates etc.

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon

  • toto

    Hi, can you combine windows installer from windows 7,8,8.1,10 All In One, thanks,,

  • gtgamer468

    Is it possible to request iExplorer?

  • Abhilesh Gupta

    i installed windowxp red but language automatic change in Urdu language i set & changed language but result

  • Jay

    Could you add a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition iso
    And thanks for the Windows Longhorn iso

  • Mc Arnas

    Windows vienna ir Windows 7 beta

  • Namal

    Orell digital (ODLL) language lab software plase give me sooon…..

  • Deep R. Ode

    Hi Mam, your site is my last hope! PLEASE Upload Zip Repair Pro f, My all data , my photos and amazing memorable screeenshots everything was back-ed up in PC in Zip file, but I can’t now extract them, please upload Zip Repair pro as soon as possible !!!

  • Thanks for feedback. Sure I’ll put more. Share this site with your friends.

  • Savaliya Raj

    first i like your work mam
    please send me link dell genuine windows 10 all in one under 4.7 gb size

  • Which error do you get?

  • Thabo Mokhahle

    Hi, can you please upload Adobe Fuse CC. I really need that software.
    Thanks in advance.

  • RehanUsmani

    Hi I need help in removing PC Trojan My Os is Win 10 and my windows Security cant remove that Trojan once at a scan it removes that but after restart it again catches that Trojan and my system is getting slow ,I cant play any game properly neither Do my Uni work

  • Thank you for message. I’ll try to find this. But Meanwhile Can you try Dell OEM WIndows 7 Pro in it. Let me know how it goes.

  • Prashant Coc

    Hi thanx for everything u have done great work.
    Can u pls provide us a rhinogold 6.0 soft

  • I’ll look into this

  • blessed oluwaseun a

    i need a software that can block, restict and limit some users in my organization.. pls I will be glad to have a response

  • Prince Virgo

    #adimin_Fatima Afridi

    please can you upload latest ESET Smart Security Business Edition alongwith offline updated option for win10 64bit

  • I’ll soon post it

  • Dipen


  • I’ll post it today

  • I’ll do it today

  • I’ll soon post it

  • Wei Hong Sam

    Hi can you upload Unreal Engine 4? Thanks for all the work you have done 😀

  • rfasp7

    Hi could you upload VCarve Pro from Vectric???

  • Yes I tried to find it but could only get demo..

  • Aldaser Tan Mammah

    Hi can i request photo elf. please. i just badly need it. please…

  • DragonixBlaze

    Can you please upload IObit Systemcare Ultimate 9 or higher

  • Deepak T

    I need Windows 10 32 bit version, suggest me a iso file which will work 100%, I downloaded 2 windows 10 iso files from this site but both doesn’t work for me, So I kindly request you to give me the link of windows 10 iso which will work 100%.

  • Ezekiel Swsa

    hi fatima, can u upload SS Super Cache Express for free and no trial…

  • Sure why not. Pinnacle studio 20.1 will be soon available for download.

  • I’ll look into this

  • raeg lomi

    please upload the latest version of iclone the version you uploaded dosent work on my computer

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • I already posted this


    please how do i download the software? cant find the link for the download.

  • Sudhansu Sekhar

    could you provide one software “wilcom e3”

  • I’ll try to find Sony Vaio recovery / reinstall discs

  • Saurabh Swaraj

    first of all thanx for everything .I want solution of bash like line editing problem.PLEASE upload easybcd app

  • Can you upload those on google drive or any where else and then share the link with me? I’ll post them here

  • I think you didn’t followed instructions.

  • Abdulmajeed Kabir

    Hi Admin, thanks for this website, very useful to each and every one of us.
    Can we get Matlab 2016 please. Thank you.

  • Prashant Choudhary

    Hi thanks for everythings that you had provide to us. please upload bounjou 5 and syntheyes free thanks in advance. best of good luck and god bless u always.

  • futureeternal

    Hi. thank you for the applications you provide for us for free. Could you add DG foto art (the full setup) also with some template.

  • Zjian Wai

    Would you provide the the latest version of orbit advanced system care?

  • yashpalsinh rayjada

    please upload Remix OS. This OS is Android Based OS. And this os specially designed for pc/laptop so i request you to upload this os in your website.

  • Hamza Ali

    Object Desktop Manager from Stardock?
    I know that the 2016/2017 version would fly out of here due to the demand so pretty pleaaase? or if that doesn’t work

  • Arjun Csk

    I have a request.I need a AIO (3in1) Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit,Windows 8.1 pro 64bit,windows 10 pro 64bit with latest updates integrated iso if possible. I also appreciate the great influence ur website has on all technicians and consumers alike

    • Yes the latest one with all updates is coming in few days. Keep tuned

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Akbar

    Dear Fathima, can you please post the Niresh file of Mac OSX Sierra and El Capitain. You are the best!

  • Secret

    Can you please upload “xcelera cath” software ? i need it very urgently.

  • Sure I’ll post it

  • I’ll work on this.

    • Hobartey

      I agree! Love ni and nexus

  • I’ll look into this

    • Kshitij Varshney

      OK thanks…. 🙂

  • Sure I’ll work on it.

  • Good Idea. I’ll look into this.

  • vijay

    hello fathima this website is aaasome,, i am using your website last 6 month and this is mind blowing,,.. thnx for ur job,..can upload lumion 7.. .it helps lot for my projuct…i am using lumion 6 and get free from ur site thnx for that…

  • Thanks for comment. I tried to find these but couldn’t get these. I’m still searching

  • Send mail to contact at getintopc dot com

  • Hasnain

    encrypted code kesy mily ga jis region me offer ni plzzz tell me about thi s

  • Byke

    Animate CC 2017,please.

  • sudip paul

    i need call of duty modern walfare 2.
    please upload….it is my humble request to you..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dAkSh VeRmA

    Hii gd morning mam… Can you provide eaadhar printing software like cozyprint,aadharpro etc a easy tool that change e-aadhar To a id size
    If uuh can! Its very helpful to us.

    • dAkSh VeRmA

      Wht happened giving or not

  • Indra Putra

    Hi.. fatima… thank you very much for software that has already been uploaded, very, very useful to me … hmm .. but .. may I request software adobe illustrator in 2017 … I was very grateful when you upload …

  • Devansh Bhinde

    WYSIWYG Web Builder 11 or 11.5 please

  • M.k. Amin

    hi dear I’m using windows 10 can you please suggest me what is the best Core Draw for it who easy installed.
    Its may Email.

  • Khelifi Mohamed Zakaria

    Hi thx for providing this great site, can you please add for lumion 7.0 pro ?

  • Avishkar Jatal


    Recently I Have Started Making Music. But I Have A Short Of Softwares. Please Can You Upload The Following Softwares Please–

    1 MAGIX Music Maker

    2 MAGIX Music Maker Live

    3 MAGIX Music Maker Premium

    And Thanks For All.

  • Deepanshu

    HEY…CAN YOU UPLOAD Affinity Designer 1.5

  • Areen Giri

    Plz post propellerhead reason 9

  • dAkSh VeRmA

    Hii gd morning mam… Can you provide eaadhar printing software like cozyprint,aadharpro etc a easy tool that change e-aadhar To a id size
    If uuh can! Its very helpful to us.

    • I’ll look into this.

      • Monette Dellera

        Please Update ETS 2 v1.25 and add FernBus..

      • Yusuf Khan

        ocean of games can’t work

      • Tech Guru

        please help me mam i m great fan of urs site but now i m in trouble none of ur game are downloded ………..wo start hi nhi ho rahe h download hona please help me please please ….koi server problem h kya

  • tamim

    Hi Fatima Afridi.please upload Windows 10 Build 14986 ISO image.

  • Dhruv Sherathia

    please upload windows 10 november update!!!!

  • Yusuf Khan

    how to fix thes problem

  • Secret

    i just want to request the admin to come up with something new in the website as it’s the time of Christmas Eve and it might be the perfect time to give a little surprise to all of the visitors. For example; some giveaway. Please note my request seriously.

    • Thank you for suggestion. Sure I’ll look into this.

  • I’ll look into this

  • Shantanu Chavan

    add tyiping softwears

  • Sure. I have noted it.


    please help me i am having hp 630 labtop and when i use windows 7 an error of blue screen come and suddenly my labtop restarts automatically please help me with that and give driver pack of it or mail me at please help me😣😣😣g

  • Thank you so much for comment. This means a lot for me

    • Tech Guru


  • I’ll look into this.

  • Prince Chris

    Please i also Cinema 4D R17

  • tajammal rehman

    hay Fatima …!
    thanks for such a beautiful site.
    I’m just waiting for the upload of windows 10 build 14986 32 bit
    which was released for SLOW ring .I want direct ISO file.
    So please upload it as soon as possible. THANKS…….

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Thank you so much for comment. I’ll look into your request

  • Sure I’ll look into this. I have noted this down

  • I’ll look into this.


    Please upload Adobe Fuse CC

  • jayesh seth

    can you provide pdf creator latest edition

    • There are lots of pdf editors / creators posted in site already

  • jayesh seth

    well but you helped me very much

  • Tahsin Raiyan

    is there any version of 32 bit of Adobe Premiere Pro CC ?? if any pls upload it.. thnx

  • Giga Byte

    do you have autodesk flame for animation?

  • Giga Byte

    I need autodesk flame, please

  • Did you try to run via compatibility settings

    • Muhammad Toseef


    • Muhammad Toseef……?

  • akash

    Fatima Afridi please update “Windows 10 Enterprise x32 bit” latest version.

  • Junior Adventure

    Hi, please could you get Parallels.


  • shrik


    I am looking for software “Antenna Magus professional” from days now. Most of the other website which have it, has license expired version. It would be great help.
    Also thanks for all the other amazing software such as FEKO and Multiphysics.
    Your help will be really appreciated.

  • I’ll soon post it

    • Koushik

      OMG!! Thanks a ton Fatima!! Found the upload now!! You are my rockstar!! Will download the application as soon as I am home!! Thanks again!!

  • Thowqeer Ahmed

    Assalamu Alaikum!

    Would you be able to help me with Outlook Express for Windows 7?


    Is there anyway where i can convert all the DBX files to PST or WLM files?

  • Uday Nayak

    Hi fatima
    I had downloaded assassin creed black flag 4
    When I’m installing the game it installs to 83% and says “data-c.bin file is missing
    How can I install the game and run the game

    • Your downloaded file is corrupted. Download using IDM

      • Uday Nayak

        Hi I had deleted the game and the IDM and re downloaded the IDM and the game to but it showing the same problem while installation

  • Uday Nayak

    I had downloaded with IDM

  • Rikky Malviya

    Upload Adobe Media Encoder cc 2017

  • Destryz

    AutoFX Suite Gen2

  • Hamza Ali

    Please do Mac os X Sierra

  • Harit chavda

    please upload adobe experience design cc version

  • johnapplepie1997

    Hi Fatima , can u upload Mac version of Photoshop and After Effects CC/CS6 ?

    Nice site btw 🙂

  • Edit.Fox

    TVersity Media Server?

  • mgames

    please updload advanced systemcare ultimate 10

  • mgames

    please upload driver booster 4

  • Nami

    Hello, I noticed there is new version of Sony Vegas but, I would like to do a request for Sony Vegas 8.0

  • Mihir Bhatia

    can u upload avira phantom vpn

  • can you do adobe audition cc 2017 ? thanks 🙂

  • Ahmed Yosif

    thank you Fatima .Please upload windows 10 redstone(latest updates) All in one for both 64 and 32 bits.
    best wishes and regards

  • Hi Fatima, greeting from Malaysia.

    I’m in need of ReelSteady plugin for After Effect. can you get it?

    Thank a lot.

  • Amrish Singh

    bro please upload windows 7 arc gamers edition…..

  • Zulaid


    Lady can you upload Windows 7 ROG Edition and make sure that its Microsoft Updates are working. so any user can update its windows . Thank you .

  • Kashif Max Kashif Max

    ur website owsme fatima …. too much owsme …. <3

  • Kashif Max Kashif Max

    plz fatima upload need for speed ….

  • Agyapong Emmanuel

    please can i get a software that can help me reduce the shaders in order to play games

  • Jesse Rosas

    Thank you for all the software you have given us 🙂

  • shubham sagar

    plese give Ultimate Typing soft

  • Sinchen Cartoon tv

    Send GTA 5 game

  • Sanen LongJa

    Please upload System Mechanic

  • Lokesh Kumar

    Please upload advanced installer

  • I’ve noted it down and will soon post it

  • I’ll try to find it

  • Jude

    Please would like the newest version of visual studio.. 2017 i suppose

  • Sandip Dawn

    Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate language change problem, reg file not working, can anyone help me for this issue?

  • I’ll look into this

    • Dawson

      Thanks i’m in desperate need of this.

  • Md mehenuf hossain Bhuiyan

    Please upload smart pixel pro and loiloscope2

  • Avinash Khatri

    Hi Fatima, will you please try uploading FastAccess?

  • Simba Zuva

    titanfall 2

  • Pratyush Chaurasia

    I Want To Upload My Games On Net I Want A Hosting Like can anyone tell me how to signup

  • Deal Nmdeal Pro

    Hello Sweetheart,
    Could you have the Propellerhead Reason 9

  • BlackFeather

    Upload Affinity Photo for window please, very useful for photo editing.
    Thanks for everything that you had provide, very appreciated.

  • PJ


  • Sure

  • anmol kumar singh

    fatima ma’am please upload the xamarin studio for windows

    • anmol kumar singh

      fatima ma’am please upload the xamarin studio for windows

  • anarsh aitrahb

    hi fatima Afridi can you get system navigator software plz

  • amar maurya

    please, upload a ‘smart aadhaar pro’ setup 32/64 bit,

  • Adam Khan

    Hello i m Adam Khan Miss Fatima there is no words to appreciate your work for the IT viewers

  • RK Jameria

    plz post bios rest software………like bios admin password reset software

  • Andrew Yan

    Hello GetIntoPC Team,

    Any chance you can work your magic on this video converter software named MKV2X? There are the Windows version as well as the Mac version. It would be wonderful if you could work on both versions.

    Thank you very much for all the wonderful softwares.

  • Black Box


  • Zagon

    Hey Fatima! Do you have any Windows 8.1 AIO with x86 and x64 versions together?

  • Anon

    Hello and hi. This is my first request, please upload the latest MatLAB 2016a or 2016b?


    plz add software for Windows platforms that provides uncensored access to Internet content. like psiphon etc…..

  • honey


  • Abhishek Anbu

    Adobe fuse cc plzzzzzzz

  • honey

    how to install mac os captan on intel core 2 duo pc

  • Muhammad Yusuf Abdurrohman

    hi my Greetings from Indonesia, please post windows embedded 8.1, thanks in advance

  • Xiao Nai

    I’m new here this website was tell me 1 of my best friend and
    This is awesome site Thank you Fatima.

  • Harsh Vardhan Pathak

    Hey Faima ‘
    May god bless u for this amazing site….. i’m using ir since two years each and every software are there but when i looking for ALBUM SENSE it doesn’t found .
    Please upload ALBUM SENSE sofware is highly recommonded in india coz each and every wedding every photographer needs this software and this software isn’t available in othes sites . This is the only request from you !
    So plz plz upload this one .

  • I’ve noted down your request and will post it soon

  • Zeronyth Thayne

    Dr Fone for Android would be great~ Thank you so much <3

  • Thanks for comment. Sure I’ll work on it

  • Aslam-o-alaikum,
    Dear team please upload Horizon 7’s latest version, i am waiting

  • You are most welcome

  • Aji Widhya Yudhanto

    hi fatima, could you upload Wonderware? I need that software to do my college project.. thank you 🙂

  • I have noted down your request and will try to find it.

  • I’ve noted your request

  • Okay

  • Can you uninstall and try to reinstall again as per video?

  • Apoorv pandey

    Hello, I have recently downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 x64 from this website . Can anyone please tell me how can I install it ?

  • Muhammad Umair

    please launch your game website.plz

  • hiii.I downlode a game.its work.but it need GPU and VRAM 512.plz tell me what can i do?

  • Sure I’ll post it

  • I already did. Make boot of below ISO and choose Home version when trying to install. The below is All in One latest.

  • That’s great.

  • Sure

  • Sure I’ll post it

  • Sure. I’ll post it

  • avijit roy

    avijit roy


    Hi Fatima ive notice that most of your recent updates of software only cater to those with 64bit why is this and can you please be so kind to also go back to catering to us whos operation systems run on 32bit pretty please.

    • Actually most of the latest industry tools support on 64 bit. Because 64 bit supports more RAM and gives more performance

  • Naveed Bandesha

    Hi, Can i have photoshop for MacOS Sierra.
    Much Appreciated!!!

  • Shankar Mandhat

    I would be grateful to get PC Reviver and/or Reimage pc repairer

  • We’ll look into this

  • Hemanth Gowda (WickedDoc)

    Vocoloid please.

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    hi fatima can you please upload blindscanner 4.0? thanks for this site!

  • peter musoke

    I kindy request for autodesk civil 3d tutorial videos for training. Kind regards Musoke Peter

  • Tolerance Pogiso

    Deja admin I’m looking for Windows 7 eternity

  • Er Vipin Tiwari

    hello mam….my request is..
    interiorcad t6
    best software for interior…..

  • Olan

    hello maam,,thank u for the softwares u provide for us…can i request for sketchup 2017,v-ray,maxwell and indigo latest version…^_^thank you in advance more power

  • wayne

    thanks alot for your hard work, please if possible can u get the Chief Architect Premier X9 because some how the x8 and x7 version loads but the 3d perspective does not work thaks

  • sohawon shah

    i have downloaded maple 18 through get into pc. but now it is requesting purchase licence id ! How to get it ?

  • Android Plus

    Do you have Gemvision Matrix 8 ? I really want that program but can’t find it 🙂

  • Ilona van Galen

    Sorry I see your name is Fatima!!

  • Quinson Andall

    Same Broadcaster for win 10

  • Kamran Ghaffar

    Aslamo Alaikum Fatima Sister! hope you will be fine. i want Visual studio 2017 iso please upload if possible. Jazak Allah

  • oladipo

    hello pls could you make available the new softwares NASA released to the public , i could those on electrical section

  • pirated guy

    official microsoft’s windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, please

  • buna97

    VS 2017 Needed. Thanks in Advance!

  • Denny

    i want to request cinema 4d r18

  • Fadil Gembel Eliet

    can i make a request here 😀
    well, i request magix vegas pro 14 suite

    btw, thank very much i love to download everything in this site

  • Devil Sahani


  • Anthony Blee

    Hi thanks a lot. I am trying to install the quickbook premier I have just downloaded. I am being asked to connect online. What should I do? Please help me out.

  • Anthony Blee

    I am having difficulty installing the software I downloaded. I need your help.

  • Moti Rundi

    It would be great if you had the Gingersoft and Grammarly apps the monthly fees are killing me but I need them for school

  • Iron CK

    Hey really appreciate all the things you provided for us 😉 I have a small request could you post Sony ACID Pro 7 (=/= Sony ACID Musci Studio) for me? <3

  • You are most welcome

    • Shubham Gaikwad

      look Fatima I personally like your profile , your interest and all so can we just talk for a while

  • Tyron Berekia

    hie Fatima please can you provide fifa 17 game ….please

  • Funky guys

    Please upload Visual studios 2017. It is released now

  • Funky guys

    Please Upload Microsoft Visual Studios 2017

  • JM Lanticse

    Fatima.. Can you upload Adobe Edge Reflow CC? Thanks 🙂

  • i wanted Sierra ISO image please

  • Akinwumi Busuyi

    Hi fatima, I downloaded abbyy fine reader but wen I try to install it, it’s asking for password pls kindly help me with that

  • Harsh Vardhan Pathak

    Would u please upload CYBER GHOST VPN ( PREMIUE VERSION )……

  • Srinivasan Visvanathan

    i required norton utilities latest version for windows 10

  • Phil Lockit

    I am noticing when ever I download any of the OS’s that I seem to be missing an uploader .dll file. Why would this be happening? Can it be fixed? Are the programs really a free download and install program or are they trials.I have been using your site for about 2 years. It is a great source for programs. Thank you for all the dedicated work you have put into it.

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    Madam plz post a virtual studio making software like – intensikey or something better than that……..Thanx

  • Salman Munir

    Why my Laptop Crashes while Rendring on After Effect cc 2015…..While My Processor is Intel® Core™ i3-4030U ….PLease Help….!!!!! Which is Best Aftr Effect for my Laptop with 4 GB RAM….Please Suggest..???

  • flashthesloath

    please upload latest version of driverpack

  • gopal mishra

    i am unable to run ms office 16 on my lappy… can you help me

  • Saad Khan

    thank you fatima. please upload latest version for backtrack so, thankyou plz

  • Modern World

    Can you please upload MIXAMO FUSE.

  • Thank you for this website, Fatima. Can you please upload Mac OSX Leopard? I need it for my old mac.

  • randa

    can you do TVpaint pro 11?

  • Saptarshi Roy

    crossover Linux please.

  • Hx Fahmi

    why all of it offline cant it be online

  • james

    Hey can you please upload Capture One Pro 10 if possible. I’m sure we all would appreciate it. Thanks! for all your great work

  • Ashraf Kamal

    Fatima please upload ArchStrike Linux I need this

  • Himanshu

    can you upload riffstation, please

  • Platythepuss

    Hi, can you please try to get clipstudio?

  • zypher zypher

    hi fatima, its been a year now, when i became a fan of your site. it really helped me, thanks for your hardwork, btw fatima, can i request, for lumion 7 or latest lumenrt. and vray for sketchup 2017, thank you in advance

  • Cosmos

    Please Fatima it my request upload Autodesk sketchbook pro 2017 please

  • Zerg

    hey, i need a complete vanilla version of windows xp like service pack 0 with no tweaks.

  • Cosmos

    Please fatima I request u please upload auto desk sketchbook pro 2017

  • Ashraf Kamal

    Fatima please upload Adobe photoshop cc 2017 setup
    Your previous photoshop not working properly
    So please upload new setup of Adobe photoshop 2017
    I hope you reply me
    Thank you……

  • boobs

    hey fatima plz upload µTorrent® Pro

  • Zyan Edwards

    Hi Fatima, can you please upload the the latest, pure, and untouched (no mods) GTA 5 video game for Windows (32-bit)

  • Gaurav S Rao

    Is There a Windows Vista x86 only iso (Business is what i need).

  • Gamer Plus

    Thanks for the amazing site and contents, can you upload Octane Render 3 pro full please

  • Nuwan Mihiraj


  • Ashraf Kamal

    Please upload ‘Daemon tool pro’

  • Ashraf Kamal

    Fatima your photoshop 2017 not working properly
    Fix it

  • Akshat Mishra

    please upload Windows 10 Home 32bit Free Download


    need labview latest version with full plugins

  • Zyan Edwards

    Hi Fatima, can you upload Visual Studio Community 2017. Thanks in advance.

  • Parvesh Goyal

    please upload Wondershare Dr Fone for android it is very important

  • Carlos Ivan

    Fatima thank you so much for all you do. If you could upload AccuRip Rip Black Pearl, that would help me a lot.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Hamza Huremović

    Fatima can you upload the newest pro versions of IObit programs(ASC, Driver booster, Uninstaller, Defrag and Malware Fighter)?

  • parth vaghela

    Can you share Erdas Imagine 2016 and other related softwares

  • Inori Yuzuriha

    windows 7 rog plsss 32/64 bit

  • Inori Yuzuriha


  • randa

    @FatimaAfridiOfficial:disqus Hey! Can you try to get TVpaint 11 pro?

  • Gian Carlo Kadano

    pls upload expressvpn cause it hides my ip and increases internet speed

  • yadagiri mitte

    please post Autocad 2018 64bit

  • qhtui

    ScanXL Pro

  • kuroi mirai

    Animation Spine Pro 3.0

  • Muhammad Yusuf Abdurrohman

    Hy fatima i can request windows xp professional sp3 ? thanks previous !

  • Patrick O’hare

    Hi Fatima looking for FlickGraph. TIA

  • Wanda Barefoot (A Book Lover’s

    Thank you for such great uploads. Can you get Production Management Software, Pricelist Professional Software or WisePricer Software, please? Thanks!

  • Galuh

    HI Fatima,

    can you upload Dragon Frame? thanks be 4

  • Mach Xan

    Thanks as always Fatima, your website is the best for downloading softwares . can I request Spine 2d thank you

  • Muhtasim Mahim


  • Muhtasim Mahim


  • dlcm

    pls bring ZIP REPAIR PRO V5 OR V4 HURRY………

  • dlcm


  • Mustafa khan

    needed HOMER Pro Software kindly put it

  • absolutly asecret

    first off thank you so much Fatima, but im sure some other people are like me and are tired of photoshop, do you think you can release affinity photo. many thanks to all the hard work that goes into this whole site.

  • vivek singh

    please tell me what i have to do in gta4 after start button there are many pictures started but gamesis not open

  • MTP not mounted as storage

    Hello Admin can you provide music production software ( FL stuido 12) latest version with all plugin effect included

  • _AwesomeJake50_

    Can you guys get Frame Forge Previz Studio Pro Edition for GetIntoPC? I’d really love to use this software for storyboarding!

  • Andrew Yan

    Hi Guys,

    The programme Driver Easy has a new version, Basically, when you launch your old version of Driver Easy, a window pops up notifying you of the new version and asks if you want to download and install it. If you select yes, you’ll be downgraded to the Free version of the programme. If you select No, then it will close Driver Easy totally. With this new version, your only option is to install it, otherwise you won’t be able to run the programme.

    Any chance you Guys can work your magic on this new version soon?

  • TheReelKry

    Hey Fatima, can you please add a premium for Cinch Audio Recorder v3.0.1 by Cinch Solutions?? THanks

  • Shanto Sid

    Hi guys, Please upload Adobe media encoder cc 2017, I have downloaded adobe after effect cc 2017, but dont have media encoder added in it.

  • Shambhu HariKumar

    Air manager desktop from sim innovations please.

  • antonypr717

    Please upload macOS Sierra 10.12 (16A323) bootable USB (DMG File). The EL Capitan is working fine which one is already uploaded here.
    Thank you!

    • I’ll look into this

      • antonypr717

        thank you 🙂 will wait for the macOS

  • Phill Collins

    Dear Fatima, Please upload Visual Web Ripper

  • Shanto Sid

    Adobe Media Encoder 2017
    Adobe Illustrator 2017 running version please… I need them badly.

    • Trend “Trend Milk” Milk

      I think encoder is free…

  • Vignesh R

    Hai Fathima,
    I am a developer for phone gap app,i searching perfect IDE tool for html5 and AngularJS with AutoComplete option of codes.Can you also search and provide lnk for me please.i am also hardly trying….Thankx in advance

  • Ritu Raj

    Fatima office 2013 help meee………

  • Wihann Conradie

    Hi Peeps,
    Please can you upload Aspen Plus V8.8?
    Thank you so for everything.

  • Sanna Snow

    Sorry Fatima But What About Total AV Its The Best Antivirus Ever And I Recommend It Because of the features and ability to destroy and protect you from Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, And Many More Amazing I trust these downloads no one even told me about site I knew about Ocean Of Games before I knew about your other site and I’m Using The window 10 pro operating system from your site and Avast antivirus protection that works like a good but not better than Total Av and also a lot more. Sorry about two post I didn’t know about the request section Thank you. Kind Regards And Thank So Much

  • 1% #EC32017ForChamp

    Could you please upload Grammarly Premium version? Thanks.

  • Farhan Siddique

    can you please upload Construct 2 Software… ??

  • Vicky Dubey

    Hi Fatima, can you help me out with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update ISO file . It would be a Great help !!

  • Raja Tariq

    assalam o Alaikum Ma’am , i am looking for Metastock 15 , if possible pls upload ,. thank and jazak Allah

  • Ritik kumar

    hey fatima i need a software that is dr drum for free on your website can u will upload it on this site

  • Abhishek Prasad

    seo software please please

  • Abhishek Prasad


  • Abhishek Prasad

    hey guys seo software please

  • Opal

    Do you have Corel Painter 2017? I’d really love Corel Painter

  • fastman

    fathima please post windows 10 pro in small amount of data to download so i can download and extract it fathima dont forget to contact me .My website,,, dont forget to visit them


    please upload the Romans CAD Design software for footwear

  • Salem Fahed

    Hello can you please upload windows redstone 2 ( creators build)

  • Faizal Mohd

    hye peace upon you
    im really into tom clancy’s games
    especially the series of ghost reckon

  • garuba jamiu

    Is there any web design software that I can use to develop a classified website like Olx, Jiji etc,,,

  • TheReelKry

    Hey Fatima, Love your work. Can you please upload ReMouse Standard Edition

  • king royal

    Hi Fatima, Can you please upload 3ds max asset library, thanks

  • wayne2pk

    thanks for your hard work and time given to us all,pls if possible can u get the chief architect x9 the others 3d view does not work thanks a lot.

  • wayne2pk

    thanks for your hard work and time given to us all,pls if possible can u get the chief architect x9 the others 3d view does not work thanks a lot.

  • yadagiri mitte

    Pl upload 3Ds max 2018 software

  • Rizky

    Adobe Master Collection CC 2017 Please !!!!

  • calvin peter

    revit 2018

  • Adjzun Wahyudin

    please wacth on youtube

  • Ankur Das

    Please upload IObit Malware Fighter 5 Pro. It’s a humble request as my PC needs malware protection. I tried Malwarebytes 3.0 but, now I can’t uninstall it and it is not up to the mark for me. Plese help!

  • Hamza Huremović

    Hello Fatima, I was looking for being a repairer here, I know a lot about pc and phone so I would like to help, please reply…

  • Caneshia Henderson

    I know is it okay to request for Game maker 2 (full if it can.)

    if not it’s okay ;u;

  • Rajesh Sagar

    Thank you for this website Fatima. Can you please upload artcam jewelsmith 2015 R2

    thank you

  • Lone Ly Abu

    respected sir i download windows files and whatever in getintopc site all the compressed file get corrupted this gonna really get disappointed for me and my friends

    • I think your antivirus corrupted the files. Use IDM to download files.

      • raja.j

        mam …. can u upload compressed games in ocean of games website ???? do u have that idea mam?

  • Andri Setya Pranata

    Hi.. I’m so excited about this site, and now I’m looking for CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2017

  • Trend “Trend Milk” Milk

    Toon boom harmony premium, please!

  • Vignesh R

    Hai Fathima,
    Please upload AVG internet security 2017 offline installer.And Windows creaters update ISO for X86 version.
    Thanks in advance.. :=)

  • Stephen Greenberg

    Thanks for all your kind help. Request for newest ON1 Photo, On1 Raw, Landscape Pro, Portrait Pro. Thanks again.

  • Shafiq Rahman Bhuiyan

    may you please share set a light 3d studio please

  • Srujan Gurram

    can i get keepvid pro ??

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