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  • Which file?

  • rashid sarwar

    Fatima plz tell me that these application is free?

  • rashid sarwar

    Fatima you’r looking so beauty.

  • Try IDM download manager.

  • Are you sure your download is completed?

  • Use Avast antivirus free edition.

  • Yes it is best.

  • Use idm download manager

  • Okay I’ll post its replaced setup

  • Install your graphics drivers.

  • Windows 7 and XP drivers are different. Download Windows 7 drivers for your model.

  • Ravikant

    software can’t be download .you will get the file shortaly how that problem solved from a high parformance cloud server!! see . file not be downloaded . how can do that problem solved . tell me any solution ……???????

  • Thanks

  • I’m also using Mozilla. Download works great for me. Clear your cookies and cache and retry

  • None of the files are password protected.

  • Well it is working great

  • I think some previous version of some adobe product is conflicting.

  • Okay sure I’ll post it.

  • Most of the recent Adobe software only work on 64 bit. This is because of Performance.

    32 bit compatibility is decreasing over time.

  • ETAP is already posted.

  • I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Now try. IDM will grab it.

  • What error do you get?

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • I have fixed it.

  • What error are you facing?

  • Welcome.

    • Abdullah Mohsin

      in call of duty 2,the game is giving an error,saying”Direct X(R) encoutered an inrecoverable error,check the directX(R) FAQ for possible solution”. it took main 9 hours to download the game. please help meee! 🙁 :'(

  • Okay sure.

  • Use some Download Manager like IDM or downthemall.

  • 8723pcjerk

    You can get downloads for the CS4 products here:

  • Satyam Gupta

    in assasins creed 3 theres an error code


  • syed abdul mAjEed

    could u pls mind to tel me

  • That is default process to download. proceed and click button

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