Zionist Federation of New Zealand Hacked by a group known as Moroccan Ghosts. They defaced the official website www.zfnz.org.nz.

Zionist-Federation hacked

Reasons Behind Defacement

There were two main reasons listed behind the defacement of Zionist federation website.

  • Against the killing of Arafat Jaradat who was prisoner of Palestine. He died of extreme torture in an Israeli prison.
  • Against the Zionist’s terrorism and holocaust against Palestine

The defaced page was left in support of free Palestine. They also criticize France and US,  supporting the revenge against the killings of Palestinians.

The following message was displayed on site

For Free Palestine.. For the Martyr Arafat Jaradat.. For all Palestinian prisoners.

Mirror of Zionist Federation Website Defaced:


About Zionist Federation of New Zealand:

According to their web space of Zionist Federation, the mission is “to aid the development of Zionist movement with far reaching Hasbarah, access to instructive projects in New Zealand and Israel, and non-debatable solidarity with Israel.” The Zionist Federation plans to give uncommon systems and actions that will shape the foundations of a more included, more updated and more submitted aggregation of destiny guides of the New Zealand Jewish neighborhood.

This Post was Last Updated On: March 16, 2019